Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday (June 14) races

From the album: In The Zone, after being prominent till 400m maker pertered out like a pricked balloon to finish last. FINOO continues its disastrous run and puts in its worst week ever. [Pic: RacingPulse.In]


Attn: Mysore June 18 (Thursday) races cancelled due to paucity of runners. June 17 (Wednesday) card is on.


Just uploaded (8 am IST on June 15): Horses can be funny!, an 18-second video clip uploaded to the Monday (Funday) section at Race TV channel on your toolbar. Start your week with a smile.


There are two FINOO list horses on the Sunday card.

They are In The Zone (5-1) & Tanzanite (6-7).

In The Zone (5-1)

a) Running at the same, similar or lower level (Class II)

b) Running within + or -200m of the last trip (from 1400 to 1200m today)

c) Ridden by same, similar or better jockey (From Selvaraj to C Rajendra)

Satisfies All 3 conditions.

A WIN bet.

Tanzanite (6-7)

a) NOT Running at the same, similar or lower level (from class III to grade 1)

b) Running within + or -200m of the last trip (from 1400 to 1600m today)

c) Ridden by same, similar or better jockey (Imran Chisty)

Satisfies only 2 of 3 conditions.

NO bet.


  1. Looking at Saturday's outcome, I think one flaw (if I may take the liberty of using such a strong word) is that FINOO system does not take into account other horses in the race. For example:
    Testarosa came up against raring-to-go Imperial Applause.
    Classic Charge came up against Cayenne and Nox (CC had the measure of Talisker)
    Man United came up against raring-to-go Scramjet.
    Your selections were good but the movement of prices at race time clearly showed that condition of winning horses was much better.

  2. What you are calling the FLAW (and technically, I don't want to say it is not) is the most attractive feature of the FINOO system as far as I am concerned.

    If you follow only Bangalore, Pune & Mumbai races like I do, then you are looking at about 1,000-1,100 races (max) in a year. The video footage does not exceed 35 hours (gross time) in a year. On the average, that works out to about 6 minutes a day investment in time to watch the video (of course, equipped with the knowledge of what to look for).

    This average 6 mins investment in time per day may give you about 200-350 FINOO horses a year, half of which you will reject coz they don't conform to qualifier rules. This selections/rejection does not require any brain-storming session, it is done at a glance, so no more time invested.

    And if, with this small investment in time and without any stress of decision making, you can hope to have around 50% strike rate for WIN and around 80% strike rate for PLACE (I agree the odds may be miserly in 80% bets, but there will always be 20% bets which will improve your "average" odds), then who the hell wants to watch, study or keep data on another 8,000+ runs of 2,500+ horses?

    Some of them, raring-to-go in your words, will fool us from time to time, but will it really hurt? I don't think so.

    But of course, first let the FINOO approach pass this pubic trial, only then all this I said will make sense.

    To cut the long story short, if you don't make conscious effort to cut time devoted to this hobby, this game will not only suck your energy but also your money and family peace into its vortex.

    FINOO, if the trial becomes successful, could prove an antidote to that.

  3. Dear Prakash,

    This is the 1st time I am writing to you although I have been following your blog from Day 1. I admire your guts to put your FINOO theory to Public Trial. However, I think there are major loopholes which only you or your students can figure out as we do not have the details.

    For example in todays last race there was no way that Testarosa would have beaten Imperial Applause. Yes you might say that I am saying this after the results but you can cross check RACING FANTASY and Shyam's Contest where I have tipped Imperial Applause as the winner. I am sure (and I sincerely hope) with some fine tuning you will be able to identify and eliminate these loopholes too.

    Good luck!

    Dev (Ranadev Nair)

  4. Sir,

    Tomorrow again in the In the Zone race I would say in the zone can win but has to beat Own Voice which has not been on Job for a few runs now.

    I would tip Sans Pareil and Leave It to Me as two good bets.

    Also with your permission I would like to give out my blog address here if its ok with you.


  5. Sir,

    Request you to visit my blog and give me your opinion.



  6. Hi Amith,
    I was happy to be the first to post message on your new blog. I have also added it to my toolbar blog list, and your recommendations for Sunday to the Selections in Quick Links of toolbar.

    I don't know what prompted you to take the name lucky strike, but there was a horse in Bombay more than 25 years ago by this name. I am not sure but I think it was owned & trained by N V Patange and was bought for Rs.25,000/- in the auction. The horse lived up to its name and won some important races and won many times over its purchase price. Hope your tips also will have a great return on investment.

    Best Always,


  7. Dear Dev,

    FINOO is taking shape, so the face may change a great deal thanks to various quality inputs we are receiving from people like Rajendra Kumar, you and many others.

    For example, Curious No End (who started as a skeptic and is now a total convert) is daily fiddling with filter rules to make the system red hot.

    I think in the days to come a lot will change, especially filter rules will be more fine-tuned (I already got an angle that ALWAYS fails--what a pity it was not looked at earlier though it was staring in the face of all of the FINOO team all the time, but then such things happen when you are taking a public trial without sharing all the details with the public).

    Thanks for your inputs by the way.


  8. Dear Prakash,
    Thanks for making time to respond to my post.
    Perhaps a fourth filter is required and that could be the company in which the FINOO horse is running on his NO (Next Outing).
    In The Zone is no doubt a very good horse and has come thru' the 3 filters applied by you.
    If we take the proposed 4th filter then the company today includes Just In Time and Own Voice, two horses who have perhaps been deliberately given easy runs in their recent outings with their ultimate target being today's race. So, here the handicapper has been taken for a ride, so to speak.
    With the 4th filter in place, INZ would not be a WIN bet.
    However, I agree with you that the system should be simple and should be easy to comprehend and should take minimal time to decide on the bets for the day.
    Otherwise there is no end to filters one could apply, e.g., is the jockey a trier jockey and movement of odds at race time etc.
    With these 2 filters, in Saturday's races Classic Charge would have been ruled out - Malesh Narredu wasn't sbout to spoil Suraj's party and the price movement told its own story.
    But there is beauty in simplicity and I for one would vote for a simple easy-to-follow system.
    Rajendra Kumar

  9. Its just a request, but wouldn't it be interesting if you could cover major international racing events too. I am talking of a preview as i know you post their videos and all.
    The American triple crown has passed and so have the main 3 yr old British races. But you could start with the Royal Ascot commencing next week. Cover races like the Gold Cup if not all, and we can have your opinion and a healthy crop of views too.

  10. While on the topic of filters, I must mention here that I borrowed this concept from the work of Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett's partner).

    Incidentally, both Warren and Charlie had some time in their life seriously considered horse racing as a money making avenue before getting intrigued by the intricacy of handicapping factors. However, both drew a number of principles and parallels from horse racing to be used in their philosophy for stock investments.

    The idea of filters to enhance the strike rate came to me after I read the transcript of a lecture Charlie Munger once gave in which he strongly backed the idea. He called it "Check list". But since we use excel files to store data, check list becomes an easy job if you apply "Auto filters", so for my purpose I call it filters instead of check list.

  11. Hi-FINOO Friends.
    Today we have a FINOO horse in IN THE ZONE. Again on my analysis the rating comes as under;

    First - JUST IN TIME
    Second - OWN VOICE
    Third - AFEA
    Fourth - IN THE ZONE

    Now IN THE ZONE has to beat all three of them who have better TF,FF and PR.I am going to skip it today.

    Good luck and have a great day. See you next week.


  12. Dear Dude,

    A British national who is presently in Pune on assignment is also interested in checking out FINOO on British racing. I may meet him soon. But I am unlikely to take up any project in near future for personal reasons.

    However, if you have last run videos of ALL horses in a race, I could check them out to see if any FINOO horse is lurking in there. You can upload them on YouTube as playlist and send a link to me.

  13. Dear Prakash,
    I place my good bets for today
    2. KRIPA WIN
    5. STEP IN STYLE *** WIN

  14. Mr gosavi, Can you give pl me just 1 more horse to make a double? May be not finoo just your choice or observation. I wont blame you if I lose.

  15. Dear Saurabh,

    I will say what I said last time there was similar request that if someone put a gun to my temple and asked to put a double with In The Zone, I would choose on of the following three:
    Coorg Honey
    Gypsy Magic

    Now, let me put the onus on you and ask you to make a choice. (Btw please bear in mind that in the last instance I was way off the mark.)

    Good luck. I am sure you are going to need it in this case.

  16. after so bad weak finoo still showing profit? i hope no mistake is in callculation.

  17. Saurabh at least you were lucky ,you got 4/1 on a roll on place bet. Very sad sack...

  18. Hi Mr. Gosavi,
    You must be aware of D'Artagnan testing positive for anabolic steroids, for the sample taken after his last victory. What are your thoughts about the same.

  19. Dear Prakashbhai,
    I am wondering whether "The Law Of Averages" Caught up with the Finoo List Selections after the tremendous strike rate in the previous week?Please analyse this issue & Can you come up with some strategy to escape unhurt, if you conclude about this Law's effect.
    warm Regards,
    Jyotin Master

  20. I have a suggestion. Pl try to organise videos centerwise instaed of datewise on toolbar. Thanks.

  21. Sorry guys I couldn't check in yesterday. Immersed in "analytical" work on fine-tuning the filters of FINOO (I frankly admit I was "shaken", no, not by such a bad week, I am too convinced about FINOO's efficacy and can remain quite philosophical when bad news files in, but the shock was how could FINOO throw some of the horses which other normal systems could smell from miles away as stinkers). And for those who still have faith in FINOO, I report that the time was not wasted. You will here about this in more detail soon.

    Now coming back to replies:

    To "Douter": No, there is nothing wrong. FINOO is still showing profit (of course, the figures are nothing to write home about) after the disastrous week, there is nothing wrong in calculation.

    To Dude: I may take a call on your suggestion after getting the facts. Thanks for telling me, I had not heard about it. I guess I am too attuned to FINOO presently and completely out of the news circuit unless it is offcially announced.

    To (Anonymous) Jyotin Master: It could be the law of averages (I like to call it regression to the mean) or it could be some stupid record keeping from my side. If it is the latter, I hope NOT to repeat it.

    To "Anonymous": Thank you for a very good suggestion. I just checked, the Blog Moderator seems to have already acted upon it.

    Prakash Gosavi

  22. Oh, hurry does cause mistakes.

    Please read 'throw up' in place of 'throw', and 'hear' in place of 'here' in the preceding post of mine. Thanks.

  23. "Astral Flash picked up a stone during her morning workouts".Mr Prakash pl explain.

  24. Autonomy had reportedly gone through the same problem before an important race, I think it was Pune Derby. Like you and I pick up a stone or thorn when we walk barefoot, horses also can pick up a stone while walking/working, generally in the area that is called "frog", the spongy area around which shoe is fitted.

  25. Mr Prakash...Thks for the info....Yes it was Autonomy earlier.


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