Saturday, July 04, 2009

FINOO Exp (Sun, July 5)

Now showing: You can now watch all the eight races run today at Bangalore on the Race TV channel of toobar with only a single click!

FINOO Experimental bets for Sunday (July 5) Bangalore card:

Win & Place:
Dante's Peak (3-3)

SHP & Place:

PLACE only:
Dark Horse (7-5)


Also check out FINOO bet for Sunday.


  1. prakash gosavi ,

    why dont you give all tips in one page.putting seperately is easy for you.viewers have to navigate the blog , time consuming.

    saturday flop show.

    sunday will you improve.

  2. Dear Chakravyuhabhedak,

    I used to do it that way, but every visitor to my blog has a different profile as gambler.

    I have classified them in three distinct categories. (I know smart people like you will not get confused even if I list them all together, but there are others who need help.)

    Some are big bettors (with extra-ordinary patience) who were interested in only FINOO original. Some are Tote punters and want at least SOME action during the day, for whom I started FINOO Exp. And there are some who try to make a living by "laying against" the horses (not necessarily official bookies), so I started Bookies' Delight.

    While the big bettors and bookies have had at least some reason to cheer, the Tote punter visiting my blog is reeling under losses (except for PLACE only bets, that too, thanks to today's Above The Line paying Rs.44 for 10).

    But then, as I have already warned, this is a public trial of a system that so far has shown promise ONLY in the original (FINOO bets) format. For the other two formats (FINOO Exp and Bookies' Delight) even I will discover the utility (or the lack of it) of them along with all of you.

    The three different posts are only to draw the line between these three profiles, and not to confuse them.

    And I am in fact going to the extent of giving "link" so all anyone needs is a mouse click, so I am surprised you are complaining.

  3. Dear Prakash,

    As per me DANTE's should be a good eat.Lets see what unravels during the day


  4. Thanks Rohit.

    Dear Swamybabu,

    When it comes to some horses FINOO shows a little ambivalence (these horses fulfill all conditions except a vital one), so we have named that category as "Can Win May Lose", and I list these horses as 'Win & Place' bets. Dante's Peak is one such horse. It 'can win, may lose'.

    From my point of view, the joke is I have tipped it as win & place chance not knowing that it would open even-money. It's ridiculous, but that's bound to happen sometimes when one tips before the night odds.

  5. Dear Mr.Gosavi:

    After a long time the Horse Dante's Peak which is experimental bets comes on top on all counts. According to me DP should be a winner long way from home.

    All the best for Finoo Experimental bet. Keep going.

    Warm Regards

  6. "Some are big bettors (with extra-ordinary patience)"pl explain....

  7. Don't you think its pointless to say win and place, if its a win its automatically a place.Likewise SHP & place.....

  8. In FINOO - Phase II Performance Sheet (Experimental) pl show horse position next to the horse name for easy ref.........

  9. With ref to......
    'In FINOO - Phase II Performance Sheet (Experimental) pl show horse position next to the horse name for easy ref.......Jul 5, 2009 2:09:00 PM .The betterment
    is appreciated.

  10. Dear Jawnsin,

    This is in relation to your first two of the four posts on this topic.

    There are some patient birds (I personally know at least 4 of them) who can show great patience to wait for the right type of bets which they have reason to believe are profitable, and when the time comes, bet BIG on such bets. And I am sure at least ONE of the four is definitely a long term (last 2 years) winner.

    I don't think it is pointless to tip W&P and SHP&P bets. Because these are among the very popular form of bets for the Tote punter. W&P (what is also called EACH WAY) has been around for too long.

    I have seen, at least among the BTC punters, "Three-way" (W,SHP & P) bets being extremely popular, though personally I feel, in principle, it's the wrong way to bet as AT LEAST one of your bets (either Win or SHP) is surely going to lose money. So I have split the three-way bet into two two-way bets as W&P and SHP&P. I hope my logic in recommending these type of bets for the tote punter is now clear to you. It's another matter that luck becomes more dominant than form when you shift from single pool to a combination of pool bets.


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