Thursday, August 06, 2009

FINOO bets (Bangalore, Friday, Aug 7)

Note: You can view today's EVERY race on Race TV channel of toolbar within minutes after it is run.

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(Follow-In-Next-Outing-Only) bets
for Friday (August 7) Bangalore races:

Sun Classique (5-1)

Oban (8-11)

NOTE: I really don't know what is happening. Since my FINOO research started in earnest about a year ago, I had NEVER come across a loser FINOO bet that yet again ran a FINOO pattern even while losing.

But now, on two consecutive days, we have another case like Red Renegade, a horse that loses as a FINOO bet, but runs a FINOO pattern even while losing, and therefore stubbornly refuses to go off the FINOO list. The horse is Oban. Despite finishing 7th in last start, Oban commands as a FINOO bet second time in a row.

Good luck.


  1. Hi Prakash, Once again you have proved that you are simply SUPERB with your F.I.N.O.O.bets.GOD BLESS YOU...AK

  2. Mr. Gosavi, you are just AWESOME!

  3. Mr prakash,
    You are realy wounderful.

  4. Dear Prakash,
    You are excellent with FINOO.I backed Red Renegade and small profit. Looking forward to some smashing finoo selections. Thanks

  5. Two horses tipped and both lost. This happened for finoo first time after 4 july. better luck tomorrow.

  6. i guess 51 missed his jump, if not 57 wud have followed him!!
    happens!.... best of luck for tomorow all!
    keep rockin PG sir!


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