Saturday, August 15, 2009

FINOO bets for Hyderabad (Sat, Aug 15)

On this Independence day I wish my beloved country freedom. Freedom from inept leaders, corrupt politicians and insane religious fanatics.

FINOO bet for Hyderabad (Saturday, August 15):

Pythagoras (1-3)
Update: Won by 3 L.
Spot results
#3 Pythagoras 1st
#7 Kohinoor Aditi 2nd
#2 Krithiman 3rd
Verdict: 3, 2-1/2
TIME: 1:15.88
Win Rs 12; Place: 10, 14, 18


  1. Prakshiji,

    Do you think "UP NORTH" is still worth a Place bet with the change of Jockey?

  2. Dear Prakash ji,

    What is your views on Beyond Belief and Veera Wang in 4th race of Pune?

  3. Aloke Datta,
    Sure. Even with Aadesh Kumar (or any slightly inferior jockey) the horse must still be a Place bet.

    I don't have any views about the two horses you have mentioned except seven furlongs is optimum trip for BB.


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