Friday, August 28, 2009

FINOO bets (PUNE, Saturday, Aug 29)

FINOO bets for PUNE (Saturday, August 29)

Moon Flower (3-2) [won]
Ekhabinskya (6-3) [2nd]
Forever Young (7-7) [won]

Good luck.


  1. Any idea abt odds on finoo bets?

  2. The night odds are like Moon Flower 4 to 1, Ekhabinskya 11/10 & Forever Young Evens. But I doubt about the authenticity of these odds. My guess is that the race time odds should be close to these figures: Moon Flower 3 to 1, Ekhabinskya 14/10 & Forever Young 7/4. But then my judgement in these matters is more a gut feeling than any scientific calculation based on how the crowds would bet.

  3. Sir,

    De Nada is much superior on Dy Rating in the third race and it would be my days best.

    Good Luck,

  4. Dear Amith (Lucky Strike),
    You are absolutely right about the superior Dy Rating of De Nada. Even I was shocked when I glanced at the sheet sent by Suresh.

    I hope this at least convinces you that I don't look at the rivals at all when I tip FINOO bets, lol.

    Anyway, but I want you to understand some important point. FINOO is nothing but Dynamic Handicapping (DH) from a trip handicapping (video-watching) window. So when Moonflower made the FINOO move while winning the last outing, she has also registered a good AdvDyR, although it has not been quantified (only visual observation) like De Nada's.

    So in a way, here we actually have a clash between DyR and AdvDyR, and although I don't want to predict who between the two will finish ahead in today's case (Note: I am not using the words "will win" as there are others in the race too which I may not have properly looked at because of a FINOO bet popping up in this race), but my past experience tells me that over long term, FINOO will prove better maybe in 7 out of 10 cases.

    My money will surely be riding on Moonflower today, however, I wish you good luck for De Nada.

    Attn: Horsefacts
    Your post has not been carried for two reasons. One, it distracts from the topic of the post although it gives useful information about a horse's anatomy. And two, it was infringement of copyright laws as you had picked it up straight from a web source without giving credit to the source. You have been a frequent visitor here, so you should know it is against the ethics of this blog.

  5. Dear Prakash:

    Good Morning to you.

    It is nice to see you write again and again that you don't look anything beyond the FINOO list. The FINOO list second horse is EKHABINKYA. The whole world is tipping this animal. However I find nothing in her favour except that Enceladus won again in class one. If that is the yard stick for judging a horse, good luck to each and every one who puts his money on her. I will pray for them.


  6. Dear Shivram,
    About Ekhabinskya, you say, "The whole world is tipping this animal.

    I can only say that when I tipped it at 11.03 AM yesterday, I did not care whether the whole world is going to tip it and make it an even-money fav or whether it's going to be sent out at 10 to 1.

    For FINOO, neither odds nor rivals nor public opinion is a concern, as you must have noticed many times in the past.

    And if you predict the downfall of Ekhabinskya, I have no issues. It's not the first FINOO horse to lose, nor it will the last to do so. By now you should know I don't invest my ego in FINOO selections, only money. And FINOO has made decent money for its followers (see Public Trial results), so I am sure they are not going to mind either. Just chill. And yes, thanks for your prayers.

  7. Prakash, Your argumentative approach to every comment posted is obviously getting to the point of whining. In response to Shivaram's disagreement with your tip you have gone on and ranted and given him a piece of your mind and I don't think he deserved that (my 5 year old does not do that even when he doesn't get his favorite ice-cream!) Shivaram might have not been polished or chosen words wisely but I re-read what he said and only heard 'I don't think Ekhabinskya will win - a lot of guys have tipped it, but I just think it is not good enough'

    As a matter of fact, I don't think anyone takes themselves as seriously as you take yourselves when it comes to comments or even cares how you give them a piece of your mind in response - it is the success of FINOO Tips that racegoer wants to focus on when he comes to this blog. You are the only tipster that has SPECIFIC BETTING ADVISE made available publicly and everyone loves it! Don't misplace your priorities and take a chill pill. Even the Shah Rukh Khan's of the world are advised one from time to time.

    And if I have followed FINOO closely it has been after the first few weeks and I assume there are several others who weren't followers until much later in the trial. So it is unlikely that you will be right when you decide for a FINOO follower on what he/she would mind when it comes to tips and any negative opinion one might have on that tip - I believe any negative comment on a FINOO horse will assist the punter exercise more care - he/she will compare runners again, bet differently, etc. It is not that all are as statistically balanced as you are from Day 1 and FINOO is randomly followed by some and so on. If you are not open to criticism

    Prakash, you should not ask for Comments when you can't take criticism - just disable commenting and get over with it. And yes, I'm not discounting the nice things this blog has to offer because of you/your team's work.

  8. Dear Richie,
    I think you are right. I get easily rattled by criticism. I need to change. But before that, let be begin with apologizing to Shivram.

    Shivram, hope you read this soon.

    And Richie, thanks again.

  9. Dear Prakash,
    I like the way you respond to the comments.Good luck to the other two FINNO selections.

  10. Mr Richie this is what I had to say about Mr Prakash way back in the month of May.......Mr Prakash,I have noticed a quirk in your character .You get peeved easily If somebody taunts you the other way and immediately come up with an explanation of exculpation.There are many who will hunt you with a fine-toothed comb,and accuse you of tickling people pink(specially professionals connected to racing). So all you need is to remain nonchalant in certain cases.
    May 10, 2009 7:49:00 PM

  11. There's hate campaign going on against gosavi in indiarace racinpulse n some blogs. How long should he ignore? I think he's justified in hitting back. Why shoudl he stick to his class when others are abusing him all over the place? By teh way good show PG today for finoo. keep it up.

  12. congragulations sir!
    Followers of FINOO will agree that the system is back in business!!!
    Really happy that you shut the mouth of every jobless person who came and shat on your prestigious blog Sir...
    Keep going all the best
    p.s u never respond to my comments sir.

  13. Dear sir , hats off , be bold as always with our finoo

  14. Great job Prakash....Unfortunately Ekhabinskya was done in...but FINOO rocked

    Keep it up

  15. Dear Prakash Ji,

    Good going! Hope tomorrow's PUNE will be even better with all WINNERS.

    I really appreciate your clarification about the FINOO system. I apologize for whatever comment I made earlier about your FINOO principles and system.


    Aloke Dutta ( Ekola)

  16. Dear Naren, Jawnsin, P Shiva, KN Kumar, Dev & Aloke Dutta,
    Thanks for your comments.

    Dear Aditya,
    I generally make it a point to acknowledge every published post, I am sorry if I have missed responding to you in the past. Thanks for writing in.


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