Monday, August 17, 2009

Is FINOO a system with the Midas touch, or just a mirage?

When I started blogging the journey of FINOO (Follow-In-Next-Outing-Only) bets public trial, I had not imagined such a roller-coaster ride for it. In private experiments between October last year and March this year, FINOO was fairly consistent with nearly 50% strike rate for WIN & 80% strike rate for PLACE, and kept alive that promise during the first 50 bets of the trial.

For the first 50 bets, FINOO's record read:
24 winners, strike rate 48%, Flat-bet profit +74%.

Although the system is still showing excellent profits, the statistical picture for recent bets has turned upside down in just 10 days!

For the next 17 bets (bet#51 to 67), FINOO's record reads:
3 winners, strike rate 18%, Flat-bet loss -75%.

What could be the reason for this roller-coaster ride of FINOO, touching the incredible figure of 2,000 % (you read it right--over two thousand percent!) returns on Risked Capital, and then struggling to even maintain a decent strike rate?

Could it be my personal "loss of focus" in some way?

Or is it the additioin of other centers (Mysore/Hyderabad/Kolkata) to the FINOO experiment?

Or is it just that FINOO was never a great system in the first place and is now "regressing to the mean" after a spectacular show?

Or is it something else which, as a biased inventor, I am missing completely?

Is FINOO really a system with the Midas touch (as I had hoped) or is it just a mirage?

Feel free to write in your opinions, or take the poll alongside.

My only request is to keep the language civil, and no personal remarks please.

By the way, thanks for joining in this experiment in such great numbers!

Prakash Gosavi

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  1. i think it's none of the points mentioned in the poll. basically you need to fine tune the qualifier rules and everything will be fine. u said u will stop for review after 100 bets i think u shud do it now.

  2. Even now Finoo is a great system. How can you call it bad? Which system can boast of converting rs 1800 into 29100 in less than 4 months? Pl don't tamper with it.

  3. Dear Prakash ji,

    I am happy to see that you are willing to review the FINOO principles. To my conjecture your following self assessment is true to some extent:-

    "Or is it just that FINOO was never a great system in the first place and is now "regressing to the mean" after a spectacular show?"

    Inclusion of other centres has not done anything wrong. You need to fine tune the qualifier as thinkhard suggested. We have strong belief in your calibre and with little modification in the system you can easily make the WINNING strike rate at more than 85% ( I don't expect it to be 100%). Your supporting hands should concentrate more ( without thinking of past failure)to provide you correct statistics to achieve this goal to reach at least 85% WINNING strike rate.

    Good luck and best wishes for Kolkata races on Wednesday and Thursday.


  4. Dear Prakash,

    FINOO is a great system....there is no doubt about it. However the recent failures need to be analysed and unfortunately we cannot help you even if we wanted to. Only you are aware of the so called "Running Patterns" which first puts a horse on the Watch list and then on the FINOO list. I think you should analyse all the past FINOO bets and watch for any deviations in the qualifier patterns and then fine tune it.

    A successful FINOO can also instill some discipline in us punters so it is definitely a step in the right direction. Adding new centres also projects your confidence in the system so please don't get disheartened by the recent losses.

    Good luck.

  5. Dear Prakash,

    The system is great. Just because it is slowing down does not mean the system is bad.If you take the average returns on a unit bet and if the system is showing more than 30 % returns, the system is great.

    I have also been doing some introspection on my selections. I had a feeling that my system had failed in the last 10-12 days but when i saw that some of my days best passed and gave good returns, i feel that my betting strategy should change.

    I had given 19 days best and if i had invested ( only in these)the same units of 1000/- in each bet the outgo would have been 19000 but the income shows 35600/- leading to a profit of 16,600/- which is a phenomenal return.

    I am sure that in your case the return will be much higher.Please only consider the win payout and not place / shp etc.

    Please do the same and do let us know


  6. Swamybabu, The comments solicited was in view of the FINOO public trial and not to learn how great your tips are or how your strategy is doing vis-a-vis FINOO. Looking and taking EVERY opportunity for self promotion is irritating for 'non tipping' blog readers like me.


    I believe FINOO's objective is to pick as many winners as possible with as little as 3 hours spent on it in a month - given this, if the qualification criteria is made further stringent are we not complicating the system? In my opinion, 100 picks prior to a post mortem is the right way to go and I think it is premature to jump to conclusions. Let the data set expand before we judge how it is working. When you are about to give up you are a LOT CLOSER than you think. The losing streak might have shaken things up a little bit, but why fire fight over 12/13 bad results when the previous data set analysis was at 50+ ?

  7. Dear PG,

    If it is possible ,kindly go through the videos of the horses which failed the FINOO TEST.Do a unbaised review of why the Horse LOST and put it up in the blog.

    We need to know if the FINOO Horse was a worthy contender in the first place or was the confidence misplaced.

    There are external factors which may have had a bearing on the outcome but these are to be ignored as you did not consider them in the first place.

    Good day,



  8. If u see 7 of last 16 bets hv lost narrowly. If some/all of them had won, then? Just keep it as it is. Only add bookies delight pl.

  9. Personally I feel all handicapping systems have their bad and good days. Apart from plain handicapping other factors also come into play and thus cannot be said that a particular system is bad or good. Having said that, there is always room for improvement and fine tuning.
    A winner is one who relies on handicapping irrespective of the odds and confines himself to a maximum bet of two per day.

  10. Your finoo predictions may be off the mark but your prediction about Set Alight was perfect Prakash. She must have had health problems on the derby day which the connections hid from the public and blamed the jockey but they stand exposed now. The health problems must be so bad that after months of rest and avoiding real competition by going to substandard racing center like hyderabad also could not cover up the whole scam. She lost. and lost badly. But they will not stop at that. They have already started campaign against C alford. Some ppl think they can fool all the ppl all the time.

  11. Dear Mr. Prakash,

    FINOO was, is and always be a great system. There are some of recent failures, but still I fell every system has its sets of +ve`s and –ve`s. Also the most important thing is we need to review the system time and again, to check effectiveness of the system. I personally still have a strong belief in your system. But I guess the review will help you to fine tune it.

    Best of luck….

  12. Dear Prakash,

    Even though i did not want to react, i think i have to react to Mr Richie.

    i do not do any self promotion nor am i interested to do that. The explanation was in keeping with the recommendation of Prakash to do only selective bets and not all bets. As such i have lost because i had not followed the system. In fact if you read my message carefully, it suggests that the tips were not great. The message also suggests that Prakash has a much better system.

    In fact you should have restricted yourself, as you have suggested ,to the topic rather than criticising some one else.

    Thanks and sorry prakash in advance for using your blog to reply to Mr Richie


  13. Dear Thinkhard, S Patkar, Ekola (btw, are you Aloke Dutta?), Dev, Swamybabu, Richie, KSP, Keshav, Vijay & Ashish,
    Thanks for taking out time to give some really valuable feedback and suggestions.

    Dear Set Alight Fan,
    I was reviled perhaps more than Malesh Narredu when I said (thankfully, BEFORE the race!) that Set Alight was NOT the same filly that she was as a three-year-old, and for raising questions about her physical health on the day of the Derby.

    Someone has also privately written a mail to me asking to re-publish all the relevant paras from my articles before and after the Derby and to put them together under the title, "I TOLD YOU SO!".

    But I don't think a promising equine talent's (she was definitely a superstar material) loss of form should be discussed sarcastically in public forums. Lets us all hope that Pesi Shroff will once again be able to put her together and get her right so that she can at least retire in glory instead of taking exit after a series of humiliating defeats.

  14. Finoo seems to be operating in only 2 gears. Too good & too bad. Why? You must find answer to that first mr Gosavi.

  15. Mr Prakash....Is it a case of "desperate diseases must have desperate remedies."?I made this comment since I noticed you pushing in favourites(that too 4 choices) to average your dipping accounts very unlike “PG” choices of the past.(FINOO bets, two on a plate “tastes like more.”) . I had made a plea not to include Cal Mys Hyd with “PBM”but then you had your say and since your are the boss of your show “the Boss is always right”.Since the 7th of Aug….. 16 calls and only 2 winners both super favs unlike the earlier FINOO bets.No doubt, agewise we both individually make up a deck of cards but I am in no way smart ,experienced worldlywise and savoir-faire the way you are..…to advice,admonish, suggest or change your pattern of functioning.All what I want to say is what I remember my hindi master telling us in class VIII.He said "if you want to be the best in any field just keep on mastering and concentrating on ONE art to such degree of perfection that no one is capable of coming near you…...even if it means training yourself to be a ‘cracksman or cutpurse’" :laughs all around: (sounds better if told in hindi)…Thanks..

  16. Jawnsin,
    I generally tip FINOO horses within minutes (or an hour) of jockey declarations so I have absolutely NO WAY of knowing if they are going to end up as favourites or not. So accusing me of "desperate measures" just because a couple of horses (coincidentally, eventual winners) ended up as 20 paise or 40 paise favs I think is unfair. Think about it.

  17. Proof of the plum is in the pudding. Sir, you have shown consistency in a game where I have seen people being involved for more than fifty years of their lives and die disillusioned. As regards the recent failures, there was a time when Times of India called Sachin - ENDulkar. He carried on nevertheles and won us that precious one day tri-series in Australia. Form is temporary; class is permanent. Let these failures pass by as idle winds(Lord Jeffrey Archer)and continue believing in what you do. Here is looking at you Sir!

  18. Dear PG,
    I believe FINOO is a way to handicap your way right? If yes then I would say you should draw a line for a season and measure the statistics to see how are you doing for that season rather than rolling up every thing.

    Mr Set Alight Fan,
    Keep away by commenting hyd centre, if you do not like please do not follow hyd or do not participate in hyd racing.


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