Monday, October 19, 2009

Set Alight to be retired to stud?

I cannot express my regret adequately to be the first to report a very unfortunate incident (yet to be confirmed) that's going to come as a mighty shock for the race lovers in general, and Set Alight's lovers in particular. And who's not been in love with that wonderful filly who was just getting in shape to fight the most vital battle of her career?

I have reliably learnt from authentic sources that Set Alight's physical condition has suffered some unfortunate development today morning, and in all probability, she is out of the Invitation Cup fray. There are fears (unconfirmed, but not unfounded if my source is to be believed) that this setback may well put an end to the star performer's racing career, and she may have to be retired to stud.

I have not been able to reach trainer Pesi Shroff yet. But if I speak to him, I will report further on this topic.

Until then, just keep your fingers crossed and pray for the champion filly.


  1. very bad to know sir, hope all is well with set alight.seenu

  2. Very sad very sad

  3. very much disappointed about the setalight being sent to stud. Let her create a great champion.


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