Monday, December 21, 2009

MiD DAY trophy: A Stunner

THREE OF A KIND: Il Tabarro just about wins the MiD DAY Trophy from River Dragon & Bluebird on Sunday at Mahalaxmi [Pic: Shadab Khan/MiD DAY]

The MiD DAY Trophy, run at the Mahalaxmi racetrack on Sunday, turned out to be quite a stunner.

Three of the 16 three-year-olds in the fray galloped past the winning post locked together, and when the judge consulted the photo finish camera, the nose of Il Tabarro (SA DeSousa up) was found to be ahead of River Dragon (James Doyle up), who in turn was a 'head' ahead of Bluebird (NS Parmar up). The win odds on the three horses were 7 to 1, 200 to 1 & 60 to 1, and there was not one punter in the entire country who got it right, and the entire collection in the tanala pool of the MiD DAY Trophy went unclaimed!

Interestingly, MiD DAY's own tips almost swept the card, having named 11 winners out of 12 races, which also included Il Tarbarro, the winner of MiD DAY Trophy, as outright first choice. But ironically, film star Akshay Kumar, the special guest of honour roped in by MiD DAY for the occasion, candidly confessed he backed a loser in the race. "I came here for the first time, bet for the first time, and lost for the first time," he told a receptive audience that enjoyed every moment of Akshay Kumar's short speech from the dais.

Il Tabarro was trained by Vinayak and ridden by SA DeSousa. The Brazilian jockey took a good jump from the gates and was content to race third or fourth all along, before urging the Ontario - Sexy Gal filly immediately on rounding the turn. Il Tabarro moved up swiftly and assumed command, but looked like faltering when Royal Porthcawl, River Dragon and Bluebird started to move menacingly. DeSousa however worked furiously on her and ensured a narrow victory.

Khushroo Dhunjibhoy, whose family owns Il Tarbarro, had a great day as owner. He led in three back to back winners on the 12-race card--Aquilo (Mulraj Goculdas Trophy), Il Tabarro (MiD DAY Trophy) and Jacqueline, who won the Sobo Central Indian 2000 Guineas (grade 1), the feature event of the day.

(c) MiD DAY

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