Friday, February 05, 2010

Vox Populi

Julio Rebeiro, former Commissioner of Police, Mumbai and Inspector General of Police, Punjab:
You know I make small tote bets for fun and enjoy my racing. I am going to back my friend Farouq Rattonsey's horse, Onassis. In last year's Derby I put Rs 100 on tote on his horse Antonios, and collected more than Rs 4,000. I may double my stake and bet Rs 200.
With the McDowell Signature Indian Derby (gr 1) only two days away, the atmosphere at the Mahalaxmi racecourse is supercharged. Racing buffs seem to have only one topic to talk about, and that is if any horse out of the dozen in the fray for the blue riband of the Indian turf has it in him or her to topple the applecart of Jacqueline, the queen filly who has swept every race she was pitched in this season, and goes into the Derby as a piping-hot, on-money favourite.

MiD DAY rounded up professionals, horse owners, administrators and celebrities yesterday morning at Mahalaxmi, and here is what they had to say:

Vivek Jain, chairman, RWITC: Jacqueline should win. Next best I think is Astral Flash. But on current form, Jacqueline is simply outstanding.

Satish Maneshinde, eminent Mumbai lawyer: I have seen Jacqueline winning the 1000 & 2000 Guineas, and also the Oaks. She won them all in a canter. She just needed a nudge from her jockey to outclass her rivals. People have been saying that the Derby favourite has been jinxed in recent years, but I think Jacqueline will break that jinx and win the Derby.

Nirad karanjawalla, trainer: The manner in which Jacqueline won the Oaks, I think she's not going to get beat. I think Onassis, Becket & Native Knight will be left fighting for the minor placings.

Mahendra Mallya, race commentator: After the Oaks victory, it's impossible to look beyond Jacqueline. Whatever they say about other horses including Becket, it will take a lot to beat Jacqueline.

Adi Narielwalla, horse owner: It's going to be very difficult for anyone to beat Jacqueline. But if at all she faces any threat, it may come from Bruckner.

Suhail Mohammed, estate officer, Mahalaxmi racecourse: All the twelve runners in this year's Derby are well within themselves, may the best horse win. However, I think it will be Jacqueline.

Magansingh Jodha, trainer: I like Onassis, because he is a colt, and also because he is by Glory Of Dancer who has sired last two years' Derby winners, so he can surely stay the Derby trip. So to me, it's Onassis first, Jacqueline next.

Dr Anil Kumar, trainer: Jacqueline, Jacqueline, Jacqueline.

Begum Shaherbanoo Lagad, horse owner and wife of trainer Narendra Lagad: I want our horse (Native Knight) to win, but if that's not going to happen, I want Farouq Rattonsey's horse (Onassis) to win the Derby. He is such a nice man, he deserves a shot at the Derby hat-trick.

Khushroo Dhunjibhoy, owner of Jacqueline: Jacqueline will be hard to toss.

Dallas Todywalla, trainer: Jacqueline is outstanding, it will be a one-horse race.

Sharan Kumar, editor, Jacqueline will meet her match in Becket.

Pradumna Singh, senior stipendiary steward, RWITC: As an official, I would prefer to remain quiet. But if you insist, well, Jacqueline is the best filly. But then, it's the grade one Indian Derby, and luck of the race could be a crucial factor.

Rustom Mehta, club member: Everyone has to beat Jacqueline. But if you want a dark horse, then it is Native Knight.

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