Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toungue strap did the trick: Trainer Karthik

Adar Poonawalla presenting the trophy to trainer Karthik G

Superior Quest, a ten-to-one shot carrying Dr MAM Ramaswamy's silks, stunned his more fancied rivals by winning the grade 3, Gool S Poonawalla Million, the feature event on Sunday at Mahalaxmi. In an unprecedented feat the sponsor Poonawalla group managed to sweep the first four places by horses bred at their farm.

"It's great news for our farm," said Adar Poonawalla, when giving away the trophy to the winning team. Interestingly, all the first four finishers were not only bred at their farm, but were also sired by the same stallion, Diffident, thus creating a unique record that's unlikely to be broken for a long time.

The race turned out to be an engaging thriller with four of the nine horses running almost abreast at the furlong marker--jockeys atop them going flat out. Momentarily, it looked like Serenity (B Prakash up) would gain the day, but A Imran Khan astride Superior Quest produced a bundle of extra energy from his mount and kept Serenity at bay. Keringdingan (YS Srinath up) and Viva La Diva (C Rajendra up) followed them in close order.

"I was very confident and tipped my horse to everyone who cared to ask me," said winning trainer Karthik in an exclusive chat with MiD DAY after the race, "in the video of Superior Quest's last run we had noticed that he put his tongue over the bit, so we just put a tongue strap on him, and that did the trick."

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