Monday, February 21, 2011

Another champion sire passes away

Stallion Placerville dead

Placerville, the star stallion who stood at the Poonawalla stud farm in Pune, died on Saturday.

The news of Placerville's sudden death jolted the racing industry as just three days earlier, Usha stud farm's Razeen, who along with Placerville had dominated the Indian racing scene for over a decade, had met with the same fate, and strangely, under absolutely identical circumstances.
Razeen had a heart attack in the mating yard, and so did Placerville.

Zavaray Poonawalla, partner of Poonawalla stud farm, confirmed the news to MiD DAY. "Yes, it's very true, and very unfortunate," he said, "unfortunate, because he was not supposed to be doing the stud duty on Saturday, but the mare was eager and ready, so the veterinary team took the decision to put him on the job."

The mare, Memory Way, whom Placerville serviced for the last time as a stallion, is a full sister to Mystical, the greatest horse bred at the Poonawalla stud farms who won in Dubai four years ago.

"Placerville had a massive heart attack after he did his job," Zavaray added, "so if the mare conceives, and delivers, this could be the last foal of the great stallion."

Poonawalla also pointed out that this is the third stallion--after Riyahi and Razeen--that died as a result of a massive heart attack when doing stud duty.

"Strangely, all three had heart attacks and all three of them had resumed stud duties after a gap of six months or more," he added, "I think maybe such tragic incidents can be avoided if they (stallions) can be kept active on a regular basis even if the normal breeding season is not on. The older a stallion gets, more caution should be exercised in this regard."

It may be noted that stallions are required to do stud duties (mating with mares) for only four months in a year--between February and May--so that the mares can deliver between January and April next year, the gestation period for horses being 11 months.

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  1. Sir, Your selections please for thursday mumbai races

  2. Three stallions dying of heart attack just after mating? One would have thought that Indian breeders' staff was well-trained, to avoid such unwarranted incidents.


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