Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beginners want to know more


  1. Hi Prakash Gosavi,

    I am based in bangalore and would like to know more about this sport. Do you happen to have these classes/courses recorded? It will be very helpful for people like me who could not attend these courses.


  2. Hello Sidhu,

    No, the sessions are not recorded. Also, based on the composition of the students, their backgrounds, and the queries they have after the initial audio visual, every lecture so far has turned out to be so different, I don't think there is even 20% common content. So it does not make sense to record them unless we record them all.

    Prakash Gosavi

  3. Thanks for the reply...

    Sad that BTC does not take any such initiatives in educating the race goers like RWITC.

    Can you please provide some good resources available on the web to upgrade my knowledge on Horse Racing & Handicapping?

  4. I have a query on Terms races. Please clarify?

    terms race definition (as per my understanding)

    set weights --> horses carry equal weights based on age (fillies get allowance of 1.5 kgs against colts)

    example of such races: Derby race, RR Ruia Gold cup race etc...


    In Race No 130: (Mumbai: Jan 12th card) which is a terms race for 3 yrs old where in Angels Quest (a winner of one race) is penalised with 2.5kg (carrying 57 kg) compared to other colts 54.5 kg.

    shouldnt all horses (colts in this case) carry same weight in terms races irrespective of a winner/maiden? otherwise doesnt this become a handicap race?


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