Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My column will be back from Pune season 2014

The Prakash Gosavi column is back

My racing analysis column, which was hugely popular at the RWITC.com, will be back at my personal website from the forthcoming Pune racing season.

Anyone who registers at www.prakashgosavi.com (registration is FREE) can access the analysis column on every race day of the Pune 2014 racing season.

Prakash Gosavi


  1. Nice to hear the news Prakash. Missed you all this while. Nothing like being on your own. Hope you have a great season ahead.

  2. I am a regular reader of your articles and I welcome your own website and wish you all success.

  3. Hello Sir

    Nice to see you back , visited the page to get registered but it ask for phone number to get registered , don't you think email id is enough ?



    1. As per your suggestion, the phone number field has been taken off.

  4. Sir, nice to see u again...

  5. Thank you all for the kind words.

    @Bang On
    There may be a reason why the site designer put in that field, I will try to find out. My guess is it may be related to either spam or the kind of "live race" services we have in mind.

  6. Thanks, Prakashji, Its feeling positively, after seeing the return of you.
    Best Wishes,

  7. Sir ... You are the BOSS of RWITC Tipping Analysis ... Thnx a lot for being back ... UR logical analysis are second to none .... A great moral booster b4 Pune season ... Please continue ur thankless effort for us ... thanx and all the best ...

  8. Sirjee .. ur column is like ventilator support for the dying ..... great news for all ur fans ...but unable to register at prakashgosavi.com ....

  9. Sir I am addict to your commanding language first and then to your horse analysis..Thank you

  10. Pl.Inform your pune races comments blog address in and through other blogs such as golimaster,horses and races etc.for punters benefit.

  11. Hi sir..
    Your site is inaccessible


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