Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday (June 20) races

Savvy Concept (red umbrella) finished full of running to finish third during the last run, and now shapes as a strong FINOO bet for the Bangalore Saturday card. [Pic source: BTC race video]

Welcome to
the FINOO - Phase II.

Please check out this article first, which will help you understand the why's & how's of the FINOO Phase - II bets.

Bets for Bangalore Saturday (June 20) card:

WIN only: Savvy Concept (1-3)

PLACE only: Carabinieri (5-11)

Win & Place: None

SHP & Place: None

Good luck.


  1. All the best for Finoo II

  2. Dear Mr Gosavi,
    It would have been better if you had stuck to the original rules. They were simple to understand. Now we have to blindly follow you which I am sorry I cannot do.
    Good luck anyway.

  3. Sipah salar will beat savy concept & caribineri will not place. you must return to normal handicapping.

  4. Good luck for new type finoo. I think both your tips will win. Carbineri's last run was good.

  5. Savy concept is 8/10 but carabiniery is big odds. Thanks & good luck.

  6. My best wishes to fino 2

  7. Hallo FINOO friends:

    We are into PHASE II of FINOO. I wish it all a great luck. Today we have two horses in PHASE-II i.e. Savy Concept and Caribieri.

    Now I have done the analysis of Race No.5 - Carabinieri

    The result reveal Equidate, Affirmed Crown, Need of the hour and Lock and load all coming above the rating of CARABINIERI. So according to me the chance of carabinieri plaing looks so so. Not sure. hence skipped.

    However friends in Race No.7 Timeless Treasure stands tall with TF,FF,PP and PR. It is a cast iron certanity though they say in racinc there is no such thing as cast iron certanity.I am going for the kill on TT.

    Thanks and have great day.


  8. Dear Prakash,
    I wish you all the best for the new endeavor, hope this will turn into benchmark for handicapping.


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