Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday (June 21) races

Aboline (C Alford up) attracted as a good FINOO bet for the Colts' Trial Stakes (Gr 1), but could only finish third behind Sprint Star & Leonardo. Yet another bad day for FINOO system when only Sprituall (tipped as SHP & Place bet) obliged. [Pic: RacingPulse.In]

Uploaded on Race TV (@10.30 am on Monday, June 22): Today is Monday (Funday). We have uploaded a film "Training for fun" on the Monday section of your Race TV channel on Toolbar.

FINOO bets - Phase II (Day 2)

Please note the correction: My blog moderator had by mistake uploaded Stagelight (1-4) as a WIN only bet. I just returned from the races and noticed the error. It is actually an SHP & Place bet as per the new qualifier rules. Not that it cannot win, but we are recommending it in the SHP & Place bet category. The error is regretted.
Prakash Gosavi

FINOO Bets for Bangalore Sunday (June 21) card:

WIN only: Aboline (7-1)

PLACE only: Xel (2-1)

Win & Place: Einstein (5-3)

SHP & Place: Stagelight (1-4) & Spirituall (5-1)

Good luck.


  1. You are overrating Appu-Einstein again. He is not the same jockey after accident. Einstein is not even a place bet in this compnay.

  2. Dear Shri Prakash Gosavi,

    The effort which you are putting to improve FINOO is beyond any appreciation.

    One Minor Suggetion, which shall be very usefull in future for performance analysis.

    Please Indicate The Ratio Of Investment, taking Rs.1000/- as unit.

    Fore Example : (WHICH I have done)
    Yesterday 1-5 SAVY CONCEPT Win Investment is Rs. 5,000/- and
    5-11 CARBINIERY Place Investment is
    Rs. 2,000/- It is Over All Profit.
    BUT if We take boath the bets @Rs. 1000/-during analysis (Which You have done in FANOO 1) It is a loss.

    Please Give A Cool Thought And Implement.

    With Regards.

    Surendra Prasad Sao

  3. Dear Mr Sao,

    Thank you for writing in.

    This public trial is an attempt to check if LONG TERM profit can be generated with the FINOO system. It is not advisable to either mourn loss or applaud profits on a daily basis.

    We will catalogue results for each category individually, and also collectively, on a weekly basis and when at least 50 bets in each category have piled up, we can possibly form our first opinion about the whole exercise.

    The way I look at it at present is since this is a public trial, the method MUST first show a FLAT-BET (all bets equal amount) profit over the long run to be acceptable as a winning system.

    The idea is not to try to show profit at any cost (by trying to vary the bet size depending on the odds), but to check what is the flat-bet loss or profitability of each of the four individual categories.

    I hope this makes clear why I am not in favour of introducing any money management advice (including varying the bet size as you have suggested) at this stage.

    Prakash Gosavi

  4. Your thinking is so clear Gosavi I wonder if you are a man or a robot.

  5. New filter introduced , yet result is bad.xel stage light and einstein were bad choices.Can understand aboline.

    revert to old better late than never

  6. Dear Vaidyanathan,

    While I am sure your advice is well-meaning, and it may turn out to be accurate at the end of it all, it is not right to abandon a long term experiment when it is just begun.

    Even a failed experiment has value. It tells us what SHOULD NOT be done. But let me perform it as planned (at least 50 bets).

    By the way, those who still want to follow the original format of FINOO have only to concentrate on the "WIN only" category of FINOO - Phase II, which is nothing but the same thing as FINOO original.

    By the way, thanks for writing in Mr Vaidyanathan.

  7. Respected Sir
    the results of your selections are not encouraging . What is happening to the selection process.
    some where some thing is missing.
    can you take a moment to ponder about the FINOO.
    i am not suggesting you to drop your finoo.
    but do ponder the rules
    even a 4 horse roll bet we are able to reach .
    need some focusing seriously
    chandi devi

  8. Hi, Mr PG,
    For every system there is a flaw when it is applied to horse racing, because the four legged animals are not robots - they cannot run every time like a computer visualise. So better results, a fresh approach can be taken, say, analyse that particular race in which your Finoo listed horse is running, apply speed/pace/class rating, check out whether the FINOO lited horse is going to win, if not apply the break, and move on, if yes, tip the horse.

    I am going to re-introduce a new handicapping tool in my blog, which we were using during racegenius@yahoogroup days. Like FINOO list it has also its flaws. But at majority of times (more than 80%) you will be a winner.

    1 kg penalty rule:
    Horses finished second, 3rd or 4th earlier running in next outing with a 1 Kg penalty. Such horses horses can win (70% success rate) place (90% success rate). It can be applied to Maiden races also. Bangalore/Mysore maidens in Class VA, Colt/Gelding with a rating of 30 (for instance yesterday SPARK OF OLDENBERG won with a rating of 30), fillies with a rating of 27. 3 Year olds running in Class IV, Colt/gelding with a rating of 36 (34 + 2 points), and fillies with a rating of 33 (31+2 points). For Mumbai/Pune Runners you can take it as Maiden Class VA, C/Geldings 26, Fillies 23 and Class IV 3 year olds C/Geldings 32 & Fillies 29. For all other classes, as declared by the handicapper.

    Check it out.
    Rajgapopal Nair

  9. Mr Nair,

    This sounds quite interesting.

    By any chance, have you preserved any data from the days when it was followed by your group? Definitely worth checking out if a man like you is saying it.

  10. PG ,

    the Set alight debacle was debated.

    It would be nice to see a similar feature on Aboline.

  11. There isn't as much hue n cry about Aboline as far as I can see.

    And on principle, I think benefit of the doubt must go in favour of the jockey for any horse who is going a particular trip for the first time.

    The only curious thing is Aboline did not hit the front, but that could be part of pre-race planning on the part of connections, and they are surely entitled to it.

    By the way, it would be very interesting if anyone remembers a horse that won a mile race on the Bangalore track in a start to finish manner. No name comes to at least my mind, but my memory is not what it used to be. (Note, I am talking only about the MILE, neither shorter nor longer trips.)

  12. Sir,

    Spark of gold won a mile start to finish in th last winter season in race number 248 in a class 1 race.

    Best Regards,

  13. Race 248 , race review on

    " Imran Chisty was quick to realize that he had to make use of the low handicap, and had no hesitation in pushing Spark Of Gold to the front. He was soon passed by no-hoper Super Speed on his inside, while the other runners led by Blink were spread out in single file, as they took the rising ground near the three furlong marker. At this stage, Spark Of Gold was eased into the lead once again, ahead of a tiring Super Speed and Blink. Imran Chisty pulled out the stick thereafter, and drove his mount vigorously. The response was magical, as Spark Of Gold lengthened his strides and strode away from his rivals.Blink got up in the last few strides to displace Super Speed from the runner-up berth. The winning margin of six and a half lengths reflects the ease with which this victory was achieved. The winner seems to have struck good form, and can be placed to pick up another race before the end of the season. "

    Amith , that is Not a start to finish WIN.

    BTC has very few races over the mile distance.


  14. Vaidyanathan,

    Unfortunately your source of information itself is wrong. Please have a look at it again as Super Speed did not even run in that race and you can even watch the video on, but I guess you don't have access to its archives as its a paid service.



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