Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday (June 27) races

Walter did falter: Walter (leading, in green shirt) seen here, would have commanded as a solid bet from the FINOO perspective, if only ...... (read below) [Pic source: BTC video]

FINOO Bet for Bangalore Saturday (June 27) card:

Saturday seems to be the day when the only horse on the FINOO list unfortunately peters out as NO BET due to the new qualfier rules.

The horse is Walter, trained by B Puttanna and to be ridden by C Krishnan, running in the first race of the day.

Walter has got onto the FINOO list by taking the most dependable route (pattern) when he finished a half-length second to Act Of Duty in race# 63. However, for this pattern to command as a bet, the jockey riding the horse has not only to be either same or better, but also has to have current winning form--unfortunately, Krishnan's last win (astride Immortal) was 29 mounts away. And this could mean a big negative factor for Walter.

There have been four cases since November 22 last year (on the Bangalore track) which have gone through the same pattern as Walter--getting on the FINOO list through the same route and ridden by a jockey who did not have current winning form--and interestingly, none of them has won (two finished 3rd, one 4th and one off the board).

If Walter wins tomorrow, he will be the first horse from this pattern to emerge victoriouos.

Can he do it? We will have to wait and watch.

In the meanwhile, FINOO followers will have to sit out the day as a NO-BET day.


  1. Prakash do u want to eat Walter @ 12/10 EK Peti, let me know if u r interested

  2. Dear Everyday is Lucky,

    FINOO system throws up horses for BACKING, not for LAYING (or eating, as you say).

    I am just explaining why I will not bet this horse despite it coming off the most dependable FINOO pattern.

  3. Walter may get place spot b cas ran
    3kg wt raised race.this handicap should droped privious time.

  4. EIL u ready to back with gosavi @1.20, now back with IR @1.60
    good luck for 40000 extra

  5. it is heavily whipped everytime. may be difficult to be on board.


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