Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday (June 28) races

Brigade Passion (red arrow) appeals as a WIN bet from the FINOO perspective, one of the four recommended bets for the Sunday card. [Pic source: BTC race video]

Another kid on the blo(ck)g: Ruchi's Dynamic Ratings

Mr Jitendra Rawell, known to some web surfers as "Ruchi", was among the 41 students who attended my first workshop on Dynamic Handicapping in June 2003 at Bangalore. I have reason to believe he is a successful bettor. He will be uploading his Dynamic Ratings at from today. He is expected to send the Ratings sheet by 8.30 pm to me (I or my blog moderator will manage his blog uploads for the time being). Do check out his selections. I am also adding his blog to the toolbar blog list and wish him good luck.

Prakash Gosavi


Introducing FINOO - Bookies' Delight

Starting Sunday (June 28), we will upload a new feature FINOO - Bookies' Delight.

Horses which are fancied (below 4 to 1) in the night odds, but unlikely to WIN, will be listed in this special race-day upload.

Check this blog on Sunday morning for what may turn out (hopefully) a good "LAY" advice.

FINOO list horses for Sunday (June 28)

WIN only: Brigade Passion (3-6)

PLACE only: Spark Of Reverence (4-5)

Win & Place: New Pastures (2-5)

SHP & Place: Man United (5-10)

Good luck.


  1. Thanks boss. I was worried you will post no bet for sunday also.

  2. Dear Prakash
    can u pls let me know how do I get to see the sels of the races in ur paper. Thank X

  3. Dear Rohit,

    This post is written by me (Prakash Gosavi) although you may see the name Ruchi as author. What has happened is today morning I created a blog on the request of one of my students, and since then my blogger page is showing two identities Ruchi & Prakash Gosavi, I don't know how to shuffle between them. Maybe I will have to wait till my blog moderator comes.

    Anyway, you don't have to wait until then. Here is the answer you are looking for.

    MiD DAY does not carry selections for Bangalore races as there is no edition of MiD DAY in Bangalore on Saturday and Sunday.

    My selections will appear in the paper (or midday website ) for the forthcoming Pune races.


  4. I doubted ur claim that finoo doesnt require time n study. But u alwys post immed after jocks get fiinal (2day b4 12 o clock). Sorry 4 suspectiing u.


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