Friday, July 03, 2009

FINOO Bets (Sat, July 4)

FINOO list horses for Saturday (July 4), Bangalore races

WIN only:

Fly For Sure (5-9)

Kemrock (8-9)


Have you checked out FINOO Exp & Boookies' Delights for Saturday, July 4?


Note: It seems there are far too many followers of the FINOO original than of FINOO - Phase II, for obvious reasons. Although I have time and again explained that FINOO (Win Only) bets of Phase II are the same as FINOO original (or phase I), looks like they simply hate to see their favourite FINOO being clubbed with the three more experimental categories (PLACE only, Win & Place, and SHP & Place).

While I can understand their irriation, personally I think it is wrong to halt the experiment which has started just two weeks ago just because the expermental categories are showing losses at present unlike the original type of bets which have always shown profit. But to avoid confusion, I have decided to now publish, for EVERY race card, three editions of FINOO recommendations as follows:

i) FINOO original (same as FINOO - phase I, will be published soon after the jockeys are declared); this will be denoted as "FINOO bets". The tentative time of upload will be before 2 pm on the day BEFORE the races.

ii) FINOO experimental (the three new experimental cagegories talked above - will be published after FINOO original but before the night odds are out); this will be denoted as "FINOO Exp" to indicate the Phase II experiment. The tentative time of upload will be before 6 pm on the day BEFORE the races.

iii) FINOO Bookies' Delight (to be published after the night odds are out); will be simply listed as "Bookies' Delights". The tentative time of upload will be before 8 am ON THE MORNING of the races.


  1. Nice plan gosavi. Now big betters can follow finoo orig, bookies will follow delight & tote punters can follow finoo exp. No confusion. i like it.



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