Friday, July 10, 2009

Derby could be a jockeys' race: Padmanabhan

Padmanabhan with Gypsy Magic: Interestingly, the media-savvy trainer is non-committal when asked about his preference among his three runners [Pic: RacingPulse.In]

"This race is so open," said trainer S Padmanabhan to me on the phone, "it might finally boil down to a jockeys' race."

Excerpts from the interveiw:

PG: What do you mean by jockeys' race?
SP: Take for example, my yard. I have three runners going into the Derby (Gypsy Magic, Classerville & Polish Patriot) and all have credentials to run this race. If you go by that idea--having credentials to run this race--then I think half the field should qualify on that count. A lot could then depend on the jockeyship.

PG: Which of your three runners you will vote for?
SP: It's difficult to pick one over the other two. Polish Patriot is going into this race with 100% recrod, winning both his starts, the last one over 9 furlongs. Gypsy Magic is runner up of two grade 1 races, and it looks like the Poonawalla Mult-Million form is holding onto this track well (Jacueline-Gypsy Magic 1-2 in Fillies' Trial). And Classerville, who got beat short head over the mile trip in Bombay before running second to Aboline over seven furlongs here, has now gone a very good mock race over the Derby trip. So for me it's a difficult call to pick one.

PG: Do you think Jacqueline is the horse to beat?
SP: No, I don't. In an open race like this half the field has serious credentials to run in this race. That also means they have a realistic shot at the winner's prize. Derby trip (10 furlongs) is a different ballgame altogher, and there may be too many runners who could match one another horse-for-horse. That's why I said this could finally boil down to a jockeys' race at the finish line.

PG: Okay, so tell us how do you rate your jockeys?
SP: (Laughs) All three are in very good form. Wayne Smith (Classerville) has won three of the five big races that he has ridden so far, that's an excellent strike rate. Rajendra (Polish Patriot) is also in great form. Richard Hughes (Gypsy Magic) made headlines at Royal Ascot recently. He is coming here on Sunday morning. But I have given all my jockeys one mount before the Derby so that they get the feel of the track on that particular day. I am sure they all will do their best.

Prakash Gosavi


  1. Dear Prakash ,

    reassuring and comforting to hear the positive phrases like -

    Luck of the race , from Shroff
    Jockey merit , from padmanabhan.

    The cause for concern for the followers of GM is Padmanabhan's statement that Hughes would be landing here on the morning of the race.As everyone is aware GM is a tempermental filly and it may be too much even for a rider of Hughes caliber to do justice without some preparatory track work.

    I only infer by his words that PP is not likely to trouble the bookies.The only clear message as far as the word " jockey's race " is directed at W.SMITH who is not well known in india for his riding skills.

    So is Classerville the Stable FANCY ?? time will tell.

    Shroff does have his limitations on mentioning his favorite as both are from different owners.Jockey merit does give Jacqueline the edge but Astral Flash may tackle this distance better.

    It would have been more fruitful if the Trainers were asked about the Horses which pose a threat to the fancied runners.May be We could have got a definite and decisive clue ???

    All said and done , not an easy task in picking the WINNER.

    Would you be speaking to -

    1.The Mallya Camp regarding Spearhead and Captivating.

    2.Satish Narredu / Srinath regarding Sprint Star.Be3tter to ask before the races .It saves us the blushes later on.

    3.Mangalorkar junior and senior - the HYPE on Aboline is missing now.Any change in tactics this time ??

    safe to assume that a call to MAM camp is not required for this CLASSIC.

    good day,


  2. this type of info can do wonders where were you all this time.

    Well done Prakash very impressive.

  3. I agree with Tiger, With your incredible toolbar and now this covering of derby you are doing a great job Mr Gosavi. Even sites with money staff and sponsors power are unable to match what you are doing single handedly. Kudos to you.

  4. Dear Shyam,
    I will try to get the Mallya camp version by Saturday noon if possible, and maybe Satish Narredu for Sprint Star. Btw thanks for giving ideas.

    Dear Tiger,
    Thanks. I started this blog just because racing was getting less and less space in my paper. Looks like this way we can keep our fav sport living when newspapers are everyday shrinking the space they give us. Btw thanks for checking in.

    Dear Prasad,
    Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Very good stuff. With people like you around there is never a dull moment.

    I would like to hear the views of the experts on POLISH PATRIOT and FAIR OPTION( I KNOW THE JOCKEY IS 3RD RATE STUFF).If the jockey does well on RIO BRAVO TODAY, i would desire to play place on FAIR OPTION tomorrow.


  6. If its gonna be a jockies' race, then one has to rule out Wayne Smith (Classerville) and R Hughes (because he won't get to know the temperamental G Magic well enough). So that leaves Polish Patriot from Paddu's yard in the fray.
    On jockey merit, Jacqueline comes into reckoning but in a huge tightly-packed field, coming from behind and getting all the right openings - she will need a lot of luck of the running of the race.

  7. Dear Swamybabu,
    thanks for your kind words. But I think I am not an exception. All writers/bloggers are doing their best to give as much info to web readers as possible.

    Dear Shyam,
    Sorry I have not been able to contact anyone. I do some small service for cancer & surgery patients and had to give priority to them since yesterday evening. Hope to catch up with racing guys by evening, let's see.



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