Thursday, July 09, 2009

FINOO prime bets (July 11 & 12)

FINOO Prime bets for the weekend (July 11 & 12), Bangalore races

WIN only:

Saturday (July 11)

Red Renegade (2-6)

Caprioska (4-4)


Sunday (July 12)

Oban (7-9)

Table Mountain (9-3)


Tomorrow (Friday) check out FINOO Exp bets for Tote punters.


  1. No horse running after such layoff can be a bet Mr gosavi. I am talking about Red Renegade.

  2. Mr. Pasha

    Prakash is not forcing you to play Red renegade. He is expressing his choices only


  3. Santosh, likewise Mr Pasha is not forcing you to endorse his views.He is merely ex...............


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