Thursday, August 13, 2009

FINOO bets for Mysore (Fri, Aug 14)

for Friday, Mysore (Aug 14)

Carabinieri (Race#6, Horse#9)

Update: Lost, finished 5th; the race was won by fav Henry's Secret.

Good luck.


  1. This comment has been moderated by Blog Moderator:
    Dear P.G.
    With due regards & respect to ur FINOO sels fof 14th August, the jky entrusted is a (word deleted by blog moderator) and the trainer a (word deleted by blog moderator), the combo of these two (word deleted by blog moderator) is to stay away, both hand in glove the horse wont even be sited even in place such is the affair. Rest who are followers of FINOO wishing them A.T.B.

  2. In the 7th race CRUISING stands a very good chance to score.

  3. Mr. Rohit,
    Cruising is running in
    the 5th race, kindly note.

  4. Thank Q Mr. Bihari.
    I stand corrected.

  5. Good bet today. this is my follow horse,just see this horse selected by your FINOO makes my choice stronger thank you.

    P.S. Keep my the good work(dont get discoureged by the comments of LOSERS).
    Thanks for KOL/MYSORE/HYD also

  6. Dear Prakash ji

    Do not worry about the loss. Infact it is a bit hard to get the winner at Mysore as I already told.

    Anyway better luck next time. Keep up your good work going on



  7. Eight losers in a row. Lets hope FINOO bounces back to winning ways over the Independence Weekend at Pune.

  8. Dear Rohit,
    Congratulations. You were right. However, my request is not to use offensive words against anyone including professionals even if you may have personal reasons for the outburst.

    Dear William Hyd, Libero & Rajendra Kumar,
    The longest losing streak that FINOO had was I think 5 runners in December/January 2008/09 during the Bangalore winter season, but then it was a private affair, not a part of public trial. These 8 losers in a row is so far the worst run for FINOO in the last 10 months since I started recording results.

    Can FINOO halt the losing run? I can't predict. The only thing I promise is that it will go on churning out bets exactly in the same fashion, irrespective of what their fate turns out to be.


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