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Some queries these...

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Since the day I put "Got A Question? Ask me!" link on this blog, I have received nearly 30 queries so far. They range from FINOO to general handicapping to money management to track work to trainer patterns, etc.

I will, from time to time, publish some queries of general nature (and the responses I sent to them), with the hope that there could be more out there among my visitors who may have toyed with the idea of asking similar questions, but did not.

Sample these queries:

Lakshmikanth asked: "How do u select the horse i have lost about 20000 in last 2 days followong the bets.can i subscribe for this ???i am very new to horse racing"

If you are betting WITHOUT a plan, you are asking to be ruined. I advise you to please STOP and truthfully take a personal test asking these questions:
1. Have you learnt about horses or handicapping?
2. Have you kept record of all your bets? If YES, then have you analyzed that record to see what are your strong and weak points?
3. Are you using surplus, stress-free betting capital for this purpose, and if YES, then are you always betting LESS than 5% of your capital on any single bet?
4. Do you have patience NOT to bet if you don't like a single horse on a day's card?
If the answer to even a single question above is NO, then my advice is you must quit racing immediately. It is not for you.
Hope you will pay heed to my suggestion.

AKV asked: "is it required that a finoo horse should also possess the good DYNAMIC rating for sucess ? also answers in finoo blog is open for other viewers ? please reply .thank you."

The FINOO horse has to have a good DyR (Dynamic Rating), otherwise it will, in the first place, not get onto the watch list. This qualifying DyR may come from a race or a track workout, after which, the horse gets onto what we call "WATCH list." The horse is then monitored for the next 1 or 2 races to check if it runs in one of the three FINOO patterns identified by us. If it does not run, it is taken off the WATCH list. If it does, it gets onto the FINOO list and becomes a follow horse next time out. If the conditions of the race (trip distance, class level, jockey choice, etc) satisfy the qualifier rules, then the horse qualifies as a FINOO bet.

The FINOO blog at present is active only to collect queries from curious FINOO followers, so it is open to anyone who wishes to contact us through the form on its homepage, like you did.

Nasreen asked: "I ve heard abt ur choices ,and tips ,Im yet to try. my selection is usually 2,3 bets at the longest odds,as on 6th ,I selected Sunny baba .And I played Van de star. can u do the same?"

No. I cannot do the same.

Debashish asked: I have heard you run a private advisory for your special clients. I am prepared to pay 5000 a day to become a member. Pl phone 98********.

I don't do the kind of consultancy where a client pays money from his pocket, or on a daily basis.
Members of my small group are more than my clients; some of them have been with me for years through good and bad times, and I only deal with people who have implicit faith in me and my research.
My clients pay me a percentage ONLY if they are NET winners, not otherwise; meaning they pay me ONLY from their NET profits.
At present, I do not know whether your profile qualifies you to join my group, unless I know more about you. You may send your details to stating name, address, occupation, educational qualifications, racing profie (professional, horse owner, club member or just a punter), and someone from my side will take a call on that.
In the meanwhile, the only sincere advice I can give you is this: The best way is to learn handicapping horses yourself, then test your skills on paper, then try it with small capital before you can invest serious money in racing. All other ways will generally lead to a financial ruin.

Anthony asked: "Chief due to your passion for horse racing and honesty,your formila for FINOO must be very strong.However will it work for small centres like Kolkata where I am based..Also if there is any method you wanna share you can mail it to me if you dont mind. Lastly thanks for the tips I cant really explain how it helped me regain losses.Appreciate it"

Thank you for your kind words. Only after this public trial gets over, one can realistically assess if FINOO formula is profitable or not. Technically, it should work for any center in the world (at least, on the Turf tracks for sure, dirt tracks may have a different quality). We are adding all tracks except Delhi, Ooty & Madras to the FINOO experiment, so you should be able to get what you need. I am happy if the FINOO tips have helped you, but the current 6 losers in a row have unsettled many people's capital. Wishing you the best.

Jawnsin asked: "What is that one should be studying whilst following a track work?"

Basically I use track work only to assure myself that the horse is NOT confined to stables! Beyond that, in most cases, I disregard the track work details. The only exception is the last 600m. I do check if there are some sensational times from 34 (very, very rare), 35 or 36 (quite rare) or 37sec (minimum acceptable to NOTE a horse ONLY on the strength of track work), but that's for my usual Dynamic Handicapping process, NOT for FINOO. For FINOO I only check if the horse has had at least one track in the last 3 weeks. But if the FINOO qualifier run was within 21 days, I don't really care about even if there is not a single spurt.

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