Sunday, August 02, 2009

FINOO bets for PUNE (Sun, Aug 2)

(Follow-In-Next-Outing-Only) bet
for Sunday (Aug 2) PUNE races:

La Joie De Vie (2-3)

Good luck.

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  1. Dear Mr.Prakash:

    i sincerely thank you for the FINOO Ponyta. To be honest i did not back her in WIN but recovered all the losses of PUNE first day by backing heavily on PLACE.

    Thanks once again.


  2. Dear Prakash Gosavy,

    Now, Writing Any Simple Word In Praise Of Your FINOO shall be an attempt to show "Lamp To Sun".

    I belong to Bangalore but at present I am at Hyderabad.

    If, any selection regarding todays Hyderabad Races, Please post either in your blog or Mr. Vinod Vyas Blog.

    I remember last weak you have indicated the same on request of your other follower.

    With Regards.

    Surendra Prasad Sao

  3. Dear Prakash,
    Kindly post the sels of our MID-DAY.

  4. Dear Sivaram,
    I am happy for you. Thanks for writing in.

    Dear SP Sao,
    A possible FINOO bet for Hyderabad could be COLETTE (3-7). But of course, you must consider the fact that I have insufficient data still about Hyderabad.

    Dear Rohit,
    Please read my response in the comments section of yesterday's post. Looks like even today MiD DAY selections have not been published, so I cannot reproduce the material here. Hope you understand my constraint.

  5. Ponyta failed to win a race in two dozen starts. Finished 7th in last start, then how did you pick her up as a certainty to be FOLLOWED IN NEXT OUTING? I am sure you had strong khabar from the connections and you are just hiding it and taking credit. Come clean Mr Gosavi

  6. Hey chief thanks for the tips..i have been following them for some time now and they have really helped me make up all my losses.I know there are many guys who would consider that u hv got KHABAR on these outsiders.But who cares as long as I follow you to profit Im happy.Keep up the good work and once again thanks.Who in this world would give tips like these for free.You are god sent.

  7. Dear Prakash Gosawi,

    Congratulation for PUNE FINOO & special thanks for Hyderabad FINOO which was on my specific request.

    3-7 COLLETE @ Hyderabad, I Played for WIN and SHP which is my normal way. It was a good profit at a unknown (NEW) venue for me.

    With regards.

    Surendra Prasad Sao

  8. dear prakash sir....,you are simply superb,,please keep on going and give us such gr8 bets allways.

    Its a humble request to u sir to post your FINOO for 2row's HYD race


  9. Hi Prakash, my sincere thanks for your FINOO TIPS which have not only covered my losses on SAPTASHWA but filled up my pockets to continue to follow UR FINOO tips religiously...I dont KNOW just what is the secret behind UR tips,looks like your ESP is very strong...GOD BLESS YOU and keeps you EMPOWERED...Regards, AK

  10. Dear Mr Prakash Gosavi,

    Really its wonderful to see you tipping " La Joe Die vie" from your FINOO list today so also Ponyta, Indeed an excellent work and wish to see more success in future.

    With Warm regards,

    Kumar U

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    I am not going to be harsh with you because you need help.

    All I can say is that I don't know who the owners of Ponyta are. I and Asad Siddiqui, the trainer, must be knowing each other only by face, I don't remember having ever been introduced to him. But all this you will find difficult to believe because you have already made up your mind as to what is the secret of my tips.

    You must not be alone, a lot of people find it very difficult to believe FINOO tips, not always but at times, can be so amazing. But that because FINOO does not grade the choices as very good, good or chance etc. Every FINOO bet is equally strong to begin with whether it is half money or 20 to 1. Because the underlying thought and pattern that throws up those bets is SAME in EVERY selection.

    Dear Anthony,
    It's my turn to express gratitude for your gratitude:)

    Dear SP Sao,
    Thanks and you are welcome!
    But can you please get my surname right? It's neither Gosavy nor Gosawi--it's G.o.s.a.v.i. That's the only thing I have inherited from my ancestors, so I would like to preserve it as I got it:)

    Anonymous #2,
    Thanks, but it would be great if you write in with some name.

    Dear AK,
    Thanks. To you also I will say the same thing: Pl put AK in the "Name/URL" option instead of choosing "Anonymous" when posting here.

    Dear Kumar U,
    Your message came in just when I was about to post this one, so to you also I will say the same thing what I have said to AK. A name reads better than just "Anonymous", don't you agree? Thanks for writing.

  12. "QU" repeated...
    Mr Prakash,If possible please make an analysis as to what the outcome would be If I was to double my bet(to Rs 2000) after the third consecutive loss,for eg: in the FINOO list at bet No24:My simple "qu" is does this make any sense?

  13. sir what happen to indiarace not opening
    site is giving the message "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)"

  14. This is what I have just posted on Vinod Vyas's blog about Hyderabad races today for which I don't tip. However, since Mandar, a visitor to my blog, has insisted I should paste here what I write on another blog, here I paste it for whatever it is worth:
    Dear Vinod,
    How is jockey Shaikh Shahrookh in your opinion? Because See You There has run a FINOO pattern in R# 252 of the last season. But if the jockey is not so good, I wonder if it could be called a bet.

    Also, do you think Regent's Park last run in race#7 was not good? I have not seen it, but this horse came on WATCH list with its run in R# 296 last season, and IF IT HAS QUALIFIED for FINOO list in R#7 (which I don't have access to), this could turn out a very good FINOO bet today.

    Can you also tell me how I can get good quality Hyd video and at what price? Thanks

    August 3, 2009 12:30 PM

  15. Dear Neelaghoda,

    We had run a warning two days ago about Indiarace being yet again under a virus threat, and this development perhaps proves we were right.

    However, we are sure they will be able to take care of things soon.

  16. Dear Jawnsin,
    a mail was sent to your mail id address, but it has bounced saying this address does not exist. Pl look into this.

  17. Mr Anonymous Aug 2---12.08 PM.. I would be happy for the connections of Ponyta had they backed their horse as it paid Rs 171....They would need not to have run their horses to win for sometime in future.As an afterthought I suspect even they, more like me would never have taken this FINOO bet seriously.......

  18. Anonymous I would be happy for the owners of Ponytya had they backed their horse as it paid Rs 171....They would need not to have run their horses to win for sometime in future.As an afterthought I suspect even they, more like me would never have taken this FINOO bet seriously.......

  19. rerMr Prakash I have sent you a fill-in email address in case of a repeated bounce back at "gosavi@midday"

  20. Mr Prakash, this week you are going to save me, because you are the saviour of racing punters.

    Pintoo said.


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