Saturday, August 29, 2009

FINOO bets for PUNE (Sunday, August 30)

FINOO bets for PUNE (Sunday, August 30)

Black Partridge (1-4) [won]
Sophie (3-3) [won]
River Chieftain (7-4) [4th]
Forest Native (9-3) [6th].


  1. If you wish,U may also depend on the "horseshoe" as a lucky charm. But remember it doesn't work for all the horses.......

  2. At least the same type doesn't work for sure!

  3. Hi Prakash, Congrats...for today,s FINOO Bets.Same for tomorrow in advance. Like I said before...KEEP GOING, KEEP IMPROVING...Regards

  4. Mr gosavi pl post hyderbad fnno bets

  5. Dear Prakash,

    Kindly accept my hearty congratulations on today's FINOO selection success. However, I have my apprehension as regards your FINOO selections for tomorrow with regard to (3-3)SOPHIE & (7-4)RIVER CHIEFTAIN. Both of them are running after 155 days & 147 days respectvely after their last run. I feel that FINOO should look into this aspect as well. Kindly correct me if Iam wrong.

  6. My best wishes for (7-4)and (9-3)......

  7. Dear Amonymous,
    whosoever you are, thanks.

    Dear Nadar,
    Hyd FINOO bets will be uploaded before 11 am.

    Dear Anonymous (Ravi Shanker, Hyd),
    Strangely, the lay-off factor does not seem to stop the FINOO horse--at least so far there is no strong evidence. If you check the Public Trial list, you will find some examples. However, as you rightly say, when large data piles up and there are sufficient FINOO bets coming out of lay-off, maybe we can form some conclusive opinion about it.

    By the way Ravi, please put your name in the "Name/URL" option while posting comment instead of choosing "Anonymous" coz it gets confusing if there are more than one around.

    Thanks Jawnsin for your wishes.

  8. Dear Prakash,
    All the best.

  9. Dear PRAKASH,

    As per my system, BLACK PARTRIDGE has a decent chance.RIVER CHIEFTAN looks outstanding.

    SOPHIE looks a bit tough with REAL DREAM looking a threat & in the last race somehow i am getting RODRIGO to be a good bet.In this race i am not getting FOREST NATIVE at all.

    In any case horses are the boss and all the very best.


  10. Dear Mr.Prakash:

    Good Morning to you.

    Today's FINOO selection i.e 7-4 River Chieftain looks doubtful eventhough the PP is extreamly good. If the last run of First Empire is true and if the horse has really improved as indicated in the handicapping then no one stands a chance against FE at 54.5kgs.

    By the way no hard feelings and I like FINOO and this blog and that is why I keep coming again and again on this blog.

    Thanks and have a great day.


  11. "Throw a lucky man in the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth and two in his hands...

  12. Dear Sad Sack,
    ...yes, provided he first knows how to swim...and then how to swim with fish in both hands...

  13. Dear Swamybabu,
    good call on Rodrigo. Paid good price too.


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