Sunday, August 30, 2009

FINOO bets for Hyderabad (Sunday, August 30)

FINOO bets for Hyderabad (Sunday, August 30)

Captivating (8-4) [4th]
Deccan Passion (9-4) [4th]

Good luck.


  1. Prakash
    Captivating last ran over 2000, today mile. How can finoo allow 400 Meter change in trip? Another blunder was how can you say S Brux is better than Danial Grant? Grant was champ in bombay. So how come R Chieftan is a finoo bet when jockey is not same or better? I wanted to write this in morning only but my net went off. Pl list your phone number on the blog page so we can alert you to such silly mistakes. Sorry for harsh words but this is not expected from you.

  2. I also was surprised when Deccan passion was tipped for hyd 9th race. T.S. Jodha had ridden DP last time. He isnot in form but he is not in form but he cant be compared with shobhan. So even DP shouldn't have been a finoo bet. Is Gosavi in a hurry to finish 100 bets to take a break? I hope he answers soon.

  3. Dear Well Wisher & Keshav and all my blog readers,
    I am to be squarely blamed for these mistakes, and I apologize for them.

    Just to put things in perspective how my team works, here I am giving the details.

    I have a girl working for me for 4 years, and a new boy who has joined only two months ago. That's my data team at present.

    Actually there is a pattern of set work schedule that my team follows, and it never occurred to me that this time the the girl would be on leave for Ganapati and I should exercise extra caution as the boy is still not too conversant with racing terminology and parameters.

    When handicaps are out, I mail to them a list of FINOO horses that figure in the handicaps. The girl then sends me a mail after acceptances are out, a copy of which I am pasting below. It details, along with the horse name that I had sent, the race & card no., the class in which it is running now, the last race#, and the last race details like class, trip dist & jockey etc.

    I then put an Y or X at the start of each line whether it is a FINOO bet (Y) or not (X). I also give the reason if X, or write instructions if Y.

    At the declaration stage, the girl then acts accordingly and prepares the list of final FINOO bets which she sends to the blog moderator (another girl working part time with me for this blog) who then uploads the same on the blog in the usual format. Since I can directly check once the post is uploaded, I immediately call up if I see any need for correction, or just send the "All OK" mail to all.

    Since there has rarely been a mistake in the past, I must confess that I have taken accuracy for granted perhaps. Now that these serious mistakes have happened, I will make sure I personally check everything before it is sent for upload.

    I am trying to paste the format here for your information:
    Pune Sat

    X 1) The Giant - (2-2) ---- C-IV 2400m | R # 70 = (IV,4y&o,20,S Sunil) (going in OPEN COMPANY and 400m extra) SKIP
    Y 2) Moon Flower - (3-2) ---- 3y,C-IV 1400m | R # 54 = (TM3y,1400m,S Shinde) Good bet if jock qualifies
    Y 3) Ekhabinskya - (6-3) ---- C-II 1000m | R # 16 = (II,10,stephn brx) Good bet if jock qualifies
    Y 4) Forever Young - (7-7) ---- TM3y 1200m | R # 60 (TM3y,10,Appu) Good bet if jock qualifies

    Pune Sun

    Y 1) Black Partridge - (1-4) ---- C-V 1200m | R # 72 = (V,12,Nrml Jodha) Good bet if jock qualifies
    Y 2) Sophie - (3-3) ---- C-IV 1000m | Check mum season R # Mum 162 = (IV,4y,10, Nrj Ral) Good bet if jock qualifies (Coz no 3yo in the fray)
    Y 3) River Chieftan - (7-4) ---- T3y 1800m | Check mum season R # Mum 176 = (T3yC/G,gr3,16,D Grant) Good bet if jock qualifies
    Y 4) Forest Native - (9-3) ---- V 1600m | R # 26 = (V,0-26,16,S Breux) Good bet if jock qualifies
    Once again sorry for the errors, all of you (and also FINOO) had to suffer three losers for no fault of theirs.


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