Monday, August 31, 2009

FINOO: The 100th bet

FINOO bet for Hyderabad races (Wednesday, September 2)

Vijaysarathi (3-7) [won]

Good luck.
As declared earlier, FINOO public trial pauses for a break after Wednesday's 100th bet.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in this unique experiment in overwhelming numbers. Thanks for your comments, suggestions and inputs. I am sure they will only make FINOO better.

All I can say as of now is that I counducted this trial in a fair and transparent manner, tried to tip as honestly as per the norms of FINOO (barring this weekend's three silly mistakes, entirely my fault), and am happy to report that FINOO has accomplished a decent flat-bet ROI (return on investment) for this small sample, despite having gone through a disastrous run of only 4 wins from 29 bets (bet#52-80).

If you consider the fact that bookmakers' odds are, on the average, at least 20% higher than the Tote odds, FINOO's profitabiity must be termed quite remarkable.

My advice to FINOO's supporters would be: Hold on. If I can fine-tune the system further so as to identify and rid it of the defects that may be causing such long losing runs, we are onto something really, really big. No handicapping method in the world has so far given credible proof of long term profitability in this game, a promise which, until now, FINOO has at least kept alive.

How much time will I take for this final leg of the research? I don't really know. Maybe two weeks; maybe two months. Maybe more. Whatever it takes, it will be time well spent for sure.

Thanks once again, and all the very best to you in all edeavours in your life.

Prakash Gosavi


  1. Finoo will ride to "vijay" with a "sarathi" like you Gosavi. Good luck.

  2. Goodluck boss u have taught me many valuabel lessons. I will keep Patience as finoo tought me.

  3. Dear Prakash ji

    Hope you come out with another finoo experiment with centpercent results. All the best for todays bet and future bets



  4. the fighting spirit should never die in a way this approach has changed our betting style too, so there will be always failures but we should continue correcting the mistakes.

  5. Dear sir , as i said earlier , there is no alternative to FINOO . In my personnel opinion , finoo must succeed in full shortly .

  6. Prakash, Congratulations on finishing on a positive note!

    Quick question - Does this mean FINOO will no longer post race picks while you further perfect the system?

  7. Dear Prakash,

    Congrats and you must end the trial on a winning note.All the best.

    Even though the trial is over please continue to post your Finoo bets for all to benefit in the old system till you perfect the new system


  8. Good luck Prakash

    I am sure you will come back with a better and stronger system...FINOO as of today is still very good.

    Hats off to your guts for coming out with a public trial.

    Even if the FINOO bets stop temporarily...I hope the blog will continue with your articles and other updates.

  9. I agree with Mr.Swami Babu that you MUST continue to post your FINOO selections,although you can discontinue to take results from 101 onwards for your further analysis.
    And also you just recently started FINOO for Hydrabad & Calcatta,so no point in discontinuing publishing your Finoo Selections.
    (By the way,DIDN'T SLICKKIT came into your strike list due to its previous run?I played it at 11 To 1 in mumbai ring)

  10. Dear Kunal V, Srivantha, Libero, Seenu, KN Kumar,
    Thanks for your kind words and wishes.

    Dear Richie, Swamybabu, Dev & Smart Alec,
    The way I work when I get into the research mode is a bit weird. I sometimes work 18+ hours a day, and there is no pattern to my waking and sleep hours.

    When I did my most intense mathematical research (the links to which are given in the article, The Mathematics of Luck, I used to keep a pencil, pen, paper and a Casio SVPAM hand calculator near my pillow at night, and whenever I had any insight, even in the middle of the night, I would get up and make notes.

    Punctuality and regularity are the biggest casualties when I get into the research mode, but since I hardly keep any social contacts during such periods, I guess no one else (except my family) suffers because of my actions.

    I don't enjoy talking about personal things in public, but I am explaining this because I believe I have created this another blog family of nearly 500 regular, daily visitors, I feel I owe it to them to make clear what they get or miss during this period.

    First, I will NOT be responding to any comments after Wednesday, unless I have reason to feel it's essential.

    Second, there will be NO FINOO selections until I come out of hibernation.

    The girl (Blog Moderator) will however ensure that she updates the Toolbar as frequently as possible to continue giving you ONE-CLICK access to ANY racing info on the web. She will make special effort to update to the TOOLBAR any readable article on another blog/website, and also upload all Bloggers' selections to the toolbar ASAP, by frequently checking their blogs/sites on racing days. If you have any complaints about the service from my FREE TOOLBAR, please write a mail to her at for addressing the issue.

    She will also try to update the comments to this blog (if any), at the following times every day:
    7.30 AM, 1.00 PM & 7.30 PM, so in case you wish to communicate any info to visitors of this blog, you may post the same accordingly.

    Thank you all for your great love and support.

    Prakash Gosavi

  11. DEAR PG

  12. And yes, new Thought for the day will be uploaded every day, so do start your day by checking it out. I am sure your day will shape up differently after absorbing it!

  13. Dear New Punter,
    Yes, Vijaysarathi would be the 100th and the last bet of the public trial. Since you have asked the question, I should inform you that had the trial continued, the ONLY HORSE from the FINOO list that would have been under consideration as a bet would be Sparta. But it would NOT have been a FINOO bet, because in the qualifying run (race#43) it ran in 5y&over company, whereas now it is running in 4y&over company, technically at a higher level although in the same class (40-70).

    Although NOT a FINOO bet, some of my clients make it a point to bet such horses if they feel such FINOO horse can take care of the 4y olds in the fray.

    Regarding your query about the shoes, in India, most (not all) professionals believe that at certain tracks, horses run better with Aluminium (A) shoes than Steel (S) shoes. So it can be taken as a positive intent on the part of such trainers when they change from S to A, and negative when they change from A to S. For FINOO however I have so far ignored this info, however it may be under review during the fresh research about to start.

    Dear Smart Alec,
    sorry for missing your query.
    No, Slickkit was not on the FINOO list.

  14. Dear Prakash,

    FINOO was sensational invention and we respect your decision to sit back and assess the defects and shortcoming of present form to make it more effective.

    I appreciate ur guts to come in public with ur experiment not withstanding enormous negativity which was prevailing among blogging community at that time.Your name is well known among racing fraternity and it really takes lot of courage to tip so strongly and clearly.Failure would have backfired and dented ur reputation,but u didnot care for it and came out with such a wonderful idea.

    I sincerely wish ,ur 100th FINOO bet is success even though iam not much impressed by its chances due to -ve change of shoes and failure to ordinary horse like Divine ganges.I will be happy if iam proven wrong in the end.

    Your blog gave new life to otherwise dying blogosphere.

    Best of luck for ur research.



  15. Mr Prakash, can you recommend any good blog for selections/tips in absence of finoo? Thanks.

  16. Dear Sir,
    I would like to take a oppurinity on behalf of all the race goers, and thank you for giving us access to one of best system designed for viewing the races in a intelligent way i.e. FINOO..... I wish u all the luck for ur upcoming assignments.... Some time ago I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki, "RICH DAD POOR DAD" he tells how to be financially successful in life... Similarly FINOO has made us think intelligently view the races and be successful.... Also I have a request in further whenever you decide to conduct workshops for the same, I will be interested to join in, So requesting you to let me know the details whenever it will be sechudled.


  17. Dear Prakash,
    I wish you a grand success in your research work.Waiting for your postings after the reserch is the only alternative left with people like me.

  18. Dear VV, (Vinod Vyas),
    Thanks you for not only your kind words, but for taking the effort to assess it in a very truthful way.

    I believe a public handicapper should either put up or shut up.

    With internet, a transparent public trial is no longer a complicated matter as it was earlier, so I thought if FINOO really has the potential to beat this unbeatable game in the long run, I must put it up for public trial without the fear of consequences.

    I am happy the effort has been successful despite almost one third trial (29 successive bets out of the 100 + 3 silly mistakes of yesterday) being washed out due to incredibly poor performance. It only proves FINOO surely has a very sound base if it can be uncovered what's really working and what's not.

    Thanks for your wishes.

    Dear Sheshadri,
    There are many good bloggers around (you can get them all with a single click on my TOOLBAR) and singling one or two of them may do injustice to others. However, here I put forward my personal perceptions about them since you have asked me:

    Tiger (Vizak Irani)
    This son of a bookmaker form Bombay is a master at the art of digging up longshots. I have a feeling if you play his first choice (if non-fav) in ALL races, you should be a winner, if not at the end of the day, but surely at the end of the year, which, according to me, is much more desirable anyway.

    Comes across as a very busy man who takes a lot of pain to be useful to his readers. Doesn't mince words if he attacks someone, but with no malice that stays in his heart. A good tipster too. When he casts vote against a consensus horse, you better take him seriously.

    ...continued to next post

  19. Hi Prakash, I know for sure that you are putting your heart and soul in the FINOO system and you will come TRUMPS. It will be worth waiting for all your followers...I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST,MAY GOD BLESS YOU...AK

  20. ...continued

    Owner of the most visited blog on Indian racing. Files selections for almost all centers. Has a rating method of his own. Talks about various aspects. Takes the trouble of putting together consensus picks of all tipsters which can be very helpful to punters. A sincere helping soul for punters sans ego.

    Looked up as partner of Swamybabu as he files selections on the same blog. His ratings are in the similar range of my own Dynamic Ratings, however I don't remember him as attending any of my workshops. Brilliant in patches, but when he is right, he is dead right, and that's a very useful quality for regular followers. Seems ever eager to learn new things.

    Vinod Vyas
    Fancies himself as a specialist for Hyderabad racing, but the truth is he is as good, if not better, for most other centers. A very down to earth soul who is prompt with response to every query. Speaks his own mind--always! Gives very logical reasons for his choices. Quite consistent too.

    Sarat Sharma
    An ex-infantryman who has first-hand knowledge about horses as animals, and puts it to good use when he tips. Has a very mature perspective about racing is the impression I got by reading some of his articles. Posts a bit late as compared to others, but surely has his own mind, no doubt about it. Perhaps the only one who also tips for Delhi races.

    ...continued to next post

  21. Dear sir , if you stop posting tour finoo , i will go on fasting till death

  22. ...continued
    Real name is Jitendra Rawell. One of the students from my first batch of Dynamic Handicapping workshop conducted in Bangalore in June 2003. Took to DH like fish to water. Called me one late night to make a strange request "NOT to conduct any more workshops" because no more people should be given access to this goldmine! Definitely the one man who believes in DH and its prowess more than the inventor! Highly emotional, but when in a saner state of mind, handicapper par excellence.

    Rajendra Kumar
    Blog started too recently, but posts so far have been impressive. Believes in racing being a less than fair game, and tries to explain accordingly. Makes a sincere effort, comes across as a good handicapper.

    B Kochar
    If you are a small Tote punter, he will possibly be your best bet along with of course, Tiger. Fancies himself as a race wagering strategist and lives up to that title by advising actual betting action in each race. Doing far better than average so far.

    Charan Kumar
    Owner of E racing blog. I am unable to get easy access as I think presently it asks for registration. That's why it was removed from my toolbar. I am unable to offer my comment as I don't have first hand experience, but I believe both Charan Kumar and Ravi are good handicappers.

    Besides these blogs devoted to tipping, there are a couple of blogs that deal with racing in general:

    Sharan Kumar
    Easily the most prolific writer on racing. Is an editor's delight as I discovered during my Indian Throughbred days when he wrote articles exactly around the brief, and with amazing speed and accurate racing information. Since then, a dear friend for life; though we don't always agree on several matters as no two racegoers agree on most things. Excellent grip over Bangalore horses and Classic prospects all over India. Has thorough knowledge about pedigree.

    Has a long history of web contributions on many popular websites forums. Respected for his knowledge of bloodlines. Has a very interesting take also on the penetrometer readings of racetrack surfaces. Recently started his own blog where he discusses racing in general and Indian racing in particular.

    This concludes my take on various blogs. Please note these are my personal impressions about the strength of various bloggers and I may be wrong as except for Sharan Kumar and Jitendra Rawell I don't know any of the bloggers on intimate terms.

    Hope this assessment helps you in your quest.

  23. Dear, Mr. Prakash,

    i think you should not stop THE putting FINOO SELECTIONS. As i dont know about others but i really miss.

    So pls re-look about your deceision.


  24. Dear Ashish (ClassicalAct),
    Thanks. If I choose to conduct a workshop, you will get to know through this blog.

    Dear Naren (Giri) & AK,
    Thanks for your wishes.

    Dear KN Kumar,
    By any chance if you are overweight (like me!), then please carry on with the threat at least half-way! I hope to be back with the refined FINOO before then.

    Just joking. No threats please. FINOO fine-tuning is a very serious matter, and definitely more important than continuity of a promising but imperfect method.

  25. I don't know what you think of me, but I was always wanting to ask you just one "qu".I finally realised, that this was the right time to......Cynical as it may sound..... MAY I ?? Ppppplease take it in the right spirit....Do you have a ghostwriter?

  26. Dear sir , my one and the only request is to continue finoo in its same way till you fine tune it to precession . i know it is possible . Many of my friends feel so . Kindly oblige .

  27. Dear HorseMouth (SP Singh),
    I am aware many will miss, but it's a job that needs to be done. I hope you understand.

    Dear Jawnsin,
    Yes. I have a ghostwriter. And because he is going on maternity leave, I have to stop writing. But please keep it confidential.

    [I had decided not to be rude to anyone on my blog, except on purpose, but I am sorry to see I have a long way to go.]

    Dear KN Kumar,
    It is a question of focus. It is also a matter of giving uninterrrupted quality time to what promises to be so spectacular. I hope you (and your friends) understand.

  28. All bloggers nicely summed up PG. You have listed only their positives what about negatives? Btw good luck to you in your research. But pl do it fast.

  29. Gosavi sir there are 2 horses 4 years aagianst sparta. Manji with sameer & andana with v jaiswl. I think sprata with b rao can take care. then is it a bet? pl advice.

  30. Dear Mr. Prakash,

    May i have your email id pls.


  31. Dear C,
    Thanks. Of course, I would like it to be fast. But it depends.

    Dear Gautam,
    As I have explained, as a FINOO follower, I don't look at the rivals. But if you think Sparta can tackle the 4yo in the fray, you may go ahead and bet. After all, it's your money. FINOO only predicts that Sparta should prove better than all 5y&over rivals in the race.

    HorseMouth (SP Singh),
    My email id is

  32. Dear Prakash, Great Job! Wish you will return with FINOO sooner than expected. I do not stay in India but I follow Indian horse racing and your blog regularly. I must admit it is very educating and entertaining. A rare combination. I believe FINOO was a great success and am hopeful that it will be a greater success once you return. I have been an ardent fan of horse racing since the my first day at the race course when Exhilaration won the Indian Derby. But I still consider myself amateur. I blindly follow the tips of the people who convince me. Last month I was in Mumbai. Unfortunately that was the worst time for FINOO followers. I burnt my fingers and pocket heavily on Saptashwa, Smart and Special. Missed out on Ponyta because of your late posting and covered reasonable ground on Royal Treasure and La Joie De Vie. I wish you grand success and hope to see you soon on your blog.

  33. Mr Prakash ..Your reply,'plainly' speaking was just 'bold'.Anyway I got the message...

  34. Dear Mr. Prakash

    100 Finoo Bet, horse won by 5 lenghts, Congrats


  35. CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th tip winning the race.


  36. Dear Arshad Moosani,
    Thanks. I hope you will be around next time when FINOO rides high. Good luck.

    Since this ip address belongs to Jawnsin in my records, I presume it's you Jawnsin. Sorry for the flash of my temper. But I am happy you got the message.

    Dear Horse Mouth,
    Thanks. I hope you backed it.

    Dear Swamybabu,
    Thanks. And as you know, I will not even be posting responses to comments from tomorrow, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the amount of work you put in for your visitors, and please keep up the same. All the very best to you and Jimmy.

  37. Dear Prakash,

    Wonderful way to end Finoo.Vijaysarthi won by 5 lengths showing clean pair of heels to entire field exactly like ur FINOO.


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