Thursday, August 20, 2009

Punters stake $70 million on Oval Test

Punters stake $70 million on Oval Test


  1. That's a good article PG. Cricinfo is a wonderful site. Stats are just brilliant. Have you joined them? Quitting racing & midday?

  2. V Potdar,
    Yes, cricinfo is one of the best sites on cricket, and surely the best for the Indian fan.

    No, I have not joined them. They asked for an article about betting on the Oval test, so I wrote it.

    I am a racing man and have no plans ever of quitting racing (even if FINOO does worse than it is presntly doing, LOL!) or MiD DAY.

  3. Good story but we will know true figs only if they make it legal in India.


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