Friday, August 21, 2009

Tought for food

To know how our jockeys react to food before and after retirement, check this article out:


  1. ..Tough on food or was it nought on food...............All the same it was appetizing............

  2. Whoa! What an article - and Prakash Gosavi is so full of life!!

    If Pesi was pointed to the article today, maybe he will hand Prakash a cheese sandwich and some beer to wash it down - with an evil grin.

  3. Actually, it's a case of a little mis-reporting, in the sense this (Pesi's indulgence) may not have been a regular feature as the article hints. But the fault may be mine if I have given that impression to the author of the story when he spoke to me on the telephone.

    The reported incident happened when I went to meet Pesi at Gallops restaurant to interview him about the whip controversy raging some years back. And yes, I was taken aback by the sight and size of the double-decker cheese grill sandwich. I wish I had a staff photographer with me--the picture would have been a collector's item today for sure which, like all people who can afford the luxury to laugh at themseleves, even Pesi would have immensely enjoyed!

  4. Dear Mr Gosavi
    I read your recent article about Chanakya and his long rejoinder to you.I have suggestion for both of you.
    You both are knowledgeble and intellegent persons.Why you people do not write short and crisp aarticles?
    Further Racing is King of Sports ang Sport of Kings. Even blog writers should behave and conduct themselves like Kings and not
    I am
    like road site touts using foul language. You can unillatrally resolve to be decent and earn more respect.
    Hope sanity prevails and articles become delicios and to the point.

  5. Dear Ashok,

    No one has a right to insinuate about another person and make slant remarks or unsubstantiated accusations.

    I have explained my reasons in the comments section of FINOO bets, Pune (Aug 22) post.

    I wonder where you have read me using foul language. If I have opined about someone's writing as incoherent blabber, that is just my honest opinion about a writing style that goes on and on, and round and round, without enlightening the reader. It is just my personal preference (like your preference is for short, crisp articles as compared to long rejoinders). It has nothing to do with my personal like or dislike about a writer.


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