Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Q & A about Classes

To know everything about the Handicapping Classes, RWITC's new initiative for racegoers, please click this link.


  1. Its about FREE handicapping classes by you. Sir, can it be possible that you provide some material or write up (which has been discussed in the training) on the web site itself for the benefit of the off course racegoers or those who can not attend the classes. Because its a genuine problem of many persons like me......

  2. hi sir
    really appreciating step by the authorities. i like to thank u for your genuine effort to provide real guidance in the field where rumors, misconceptions are on at top due lack of knowledge. really it will going to help .
    But....a request is it possible to upload your classes video on the site as well...
    i am sure it will give more and more help and by this way it will reach to maximum number of people..


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