Monday, November 18, 2013

FREE Handicapping Classes


The Royal Western India Turf Club

FREE Handicapping Classes 
(for novices/beginners/racing enthusiasts)

The classes will be conducted
Prakash Gosavi,
Racing correspondent of
RWITC's media partner MiD DAY

15 Special Coaching batches

The dates (with code) for the batch

1. Sunday, November 24 (code: 2411)
2. Sunday, December 1 (code: 0112)  
3. Sunday, December 15 (code: 1512)
4. Sunday, December 22 (code: 2212)
5. Sunday, January 5 (code: 0501)
6. Saturday, January 18 (code: 1801)
7. Saturday, February 1 (code: 0102)
8. Sunday, February 2 (code: 0202)
9. Sunday, February 16 (code: 1602)
10. Sunday, February 23 (code: 2302)
11. Sunday, March 9 (code: 0903)
12. Sunday, March 23 (code: 2303)
13. Sunday, March 30 (code: 3003)
14. Sunday, April 6 (code: 0604)
15. Sunday, April 13 (code: 1304)

Time: 9.30 AM sharp 
 on the dates mentioned above

Venue: Owners' Association Lounge,
Members' Enclosure, Mahalaxmi racecourse

Hurry up!!! Limited seats in each batch.

Admission STRICTLY on
first-booked-first-served basis

Book your seat NOW to avoid disappointment

Call Ms Nanda on 022-23071441

or send SMS giving your name followed by date code
 to 09322223710

For example, if your name is Hitesh Gandhi,
and you are interested in attending on February 16,

SMS "Hitesh Gandhi 1602" to 09322223710
(You will receive confirmation within 48 hours)



  1. Nice initiative by RWITC. It is most important thing for me to learn handicapping before i bet. Is there any chance of online or CD's what you teach in handicapping classes? I cannot be there bcoz my parents doesn't know that im involved in racing. Could you please help me in this?


    vamshi krishna

    1. If your parents don't know that what you are doing, then my advice would be to STOP doing it immediately. No reason is good enough as an excuse to lie to your parents.

      As regards your other query, as of now, there is no chance of this being online or on CD.

  2. Hello Sir
    Would there be any fees???

    1. No, There will be no fees. The classes will be absolutely free. All the expenses--and I mean ALL--will be borne by the RWITC. Basically, it is wrong to say Prakash Gosavi is going to conduct handicapping classes, it is an RWITC initiative, and I am only tagging along as a lecturer.

  3. Hi Prakash,

    Sir any soon will the same be conducted for Bangalore punters...

    1. I don't see any possibility, unless of course, the BTC (or someone else) takes the initiative.

  4. sir can it done live on so that outstation race goers can also benefit

  5. You are conducted the classes in Mumbai only. I am the resident of Delhi so like to request if you may post this on you tube for for the benefit of outstation horse racing lovers.

  6. dear prakash sir i am very thrilled and anxiously waiting to attend the handicapping classes and my hearty thanks to RWITC for taking the initiative to educate the racing admirares and kindly clarify is it all the classes are same or different,is it required to attend all the classes or any one day since iam from hyderabad i have to plan my schedule accordigly

  7. dear prakash sir is it need to attend all the classes or any single day please kindly clarify

  8. Duration of the course and any course material.?

  9. Mr Prakash Gosavi,

    A handicap course at Mumbai race course premises is music to me. But, located at BNG am not sure whether I will be able to make a trip to Mumbai only for this purpose. Hope, BTC authorities also understand that the punters deserve some consideration.

    Now, coming to the point, whether during all the 15 days you are giving identical lectures or there will be different topics. And, will it be possible to record your lectures live and upload the same in the you-tube?

  10. right move to educate racegoer about horse racing

  11. hello sir I want to learn the handicapping but iam unable to attend the all classes. please give me reply

  12. I am from Chennai. We cannot come to Mumbai. Can you please find a way out for us to go through the Materials

  13. Hello Sir,

    I'm from Bangalore and very much interested in Handicapping classes
    Is there any chance that we can attend the classes online?


  14. Hello Sir,

    I live in Kolkata , I can't able to join your classes in mumbai so please if you arrange any online class ? I am waiting for your reply


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