Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FINOO Bets for Bangalore (Thu, July 30)

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FINOO (Follow-In-Next-Outing-Only) bets
for Thursday (July 30) Bangalore races:

Smart N Special (4-3)

Royal Treasure (7-3)

Good luck.


  1. Hi-Finoo Friends:

    Thursday Selection:

    BLINK (5 - 6) - WIN

    Highest TF Rating.

    Good luck.


  2. Dear Praksh,
    I am a regular follower of your blog and articles..... Sir you are doing a great job and I sincerely thank you for sharing/posting many informative and interesting articles with us. Also Hats off to your finoo selections, trust me it is doing wonders for many of us...

    Now to the finoo selection of yours for Bangalore 30th July...

    Sir I fell Easy from G Nityanand stables will have a bold say in the 4th Race... No doubt as per finoo Smart N Special is also a better prospect... But I guess the trainer of easy has not won a single race in the season.. So I fell they will go all out for win during the last days... Couple of runs of Easy were questionable this season.... Can you please give me your thoughts on chances of easy.....


  3. Hello prakash,
    I am sorry I am really pissed off with you. This is second time you have posted a winner on someone elses blog and deprived your regular loyal vistitors.
    Now I am really pissed off with you. WHY? why are you depriving your regular visitors? Golden flame & now vijay famme. 2 tips and both winners. 100% strike rate in hydereabad, then WHY DONT U POST HERE IN YOUR OWN BLOG? PL EXPLAIN. PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE. Why do you want us to go to vinod vyas blog? ABSURED.

  4. I personally think that horse no:7 SUNNY LAND shd win 2morow beating SMART n SPECIAL and EASY.

    One Horse for the day is READY TO MINGLE in the 7th race.


  5. Dear Ashish,
    If you have been reading this blog then you must know FINOO forbids me to study any of the rivals! Because FINOO doesn't want me to waste time. Good luck to you for Easy.

    Dear Mandar,
    I am sorry if I have given you reason to be upset. But I have made clear earlier too that I am just running a mock trial for Hyderabad, and so would not like to post Hyderabad selections as FINOO bets on this blog which is right now under a public trial.

    However, blogger Vinod Vyas is reckoned as a Hyderabad expert so whenever I feel a good FINOO bet lurking in Hyderabad card, I seek his opinion to check what he has to say. It is another matter both Golden Flame and Vijas Famme popped up as FINOO bets and won easily.

    To placate you all I can promise is that if ever I write anywhere else (on any other blog) about a trial FINOO bet, then I will henceforth also paste the same post here on my blog in the comments section so that my "loyal" visitors like you don't miss it. However, I would not like these trial bets to be part of the FINOO public trial even if all of them end up winning!

    Dear Rohit,
    Good luck to you for Sunnyland.

  6. Hi Prakash, I being a firm believer in numerology, since both the FINOO BETS,Smart N Special& Royal Treasure have no.3 will b on board...keep in mind No. 3 both as horse n draw for good luck, all d best...Regards,AK

  7. Dear Praksh,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the same.... I really appreciate your efforts proactively acting/answering on the visitors queries.... U r doing a fantastic job.... All the best

  8. Boss this is really sensational. Royal treasure paid rs 63 for win. Gr8 going finoo and luck.

  9. Mr Prakash,If possible please make an analysis as to what the outcome would be If I was to double my bet(to Rs 2000) after the third consecutive loss,for eg: in the FINOO list at bet No24:My simple "qu" is does this make any sense?

  10. Dear Jawnsin@@@@@
    I think you you should start with 500 or 1000 or 2000 which you are comfortable with, after which you keep doubling your bet till you bet on a winner. Once you have a winning bet, start again with your first bet amount.


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