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Bullshit & Horse sense

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FINOO breaks all records

Note: Please click the link "FINOO public trial (13 weeks)" before you proceed further.

What you
are going to read now, my request is to please treat it as just an academic exercise.

No one should read too much into it, and this is no attempt to show that racing could be a more lucrative avenue for serious personal investors. The reason is, at present, in our country, racing industry's betting pools and figures are just no match to the size and volume of the financial markets.

However, that does not give the so-called "elite" players of the financial markets (who fancy themselves as investors and look down upon us as gamblers) a right to snigger at us racing folks, especially when on a personal front, most of them are much bigger losers than we racing folks have been.

This exercise must be veiwed in proper perspective. At least for personal investment of a small nature, the power of a winning system in racing (in this case, FINOO) can put to shame the results of the most sought after categories of the financial markets including Sensex, Nifty, Gold and US dollar.

And as you know, these figures are not contrived or doctored. This trial was as open and public as a billboard at a busy traffic junction, and you all have witnessed its stupendous success.

So the next time someone who plays the stock market or invests in gold or the US dollar quizzes you about where you invest, take a deep breath to swell your chest and say with pride, "I play the horses."


  1. Very well said. and very true.

  2. Mr Gosavi, Pasha here. The comparison is a little farfetched but there is no doubt finoo's success is absolutely sensational. But finoo needs great patience and you know most gamblers don't have it. Anyway good luck to finoo & you in future.

  3. Hi Prakash,

    Long way to go before we can proudly say "I PLAY HORSES".Common perception of horseracing is that of a vice which only rich people indulge in.

    FINOO indeed has been very succesful and i hope its success will aspire others to invent equally effective way of betting.

  4. FINOOs success shows that racing is not all that 'fixed' as cribbers & losers have us believe. Keep it up Prakash.

  5. sir when i click i cant open the file

  6. Anonymous,

    Actually no one has reported the problem you have mentioned. Nevertheless, we have now embedded the relevant part of the comparison in the article itself. But due to the limited width of the blog page, some scrolling will have to be done.

    Blog Moderator

  7. Wonderful article. I mailed it to my friends just now.

  8. Thanks PMK.

    Yes Pasha, the losing gambler's biggest problem is his inability to stay away from betting action. And FINOO surely needs the patience of a sniper in hiding. I like to think of a FINOO follower as a spider who casts its web and then goes and sits patiently for hours or days until an insect lands. The same patient spider however does not waste a moment after it sees the opportunity (insect entangled in its web) and gives a demo of a swift and aggressive kill.

    Dear Vinod,
    Hating any form of gambling is a trait deeply rooted in the Indian psyche, perhaps because in our most popular epic (Mahabharat) of 5,000 years ago, a king (Yudhishthir) not only lost his kingdom, family and wife because he could not control his gambling urge, but also brought death to millions in the war that followed as a consequence of it all.

    Dear P Shiva,
    Believing strongly that only crooks run racing is a sure way to losing money and sanity. You will rarely find winners endorsing that view, except in a specific case maybe.

    Dear K Gandhi,

  9. it is an unbelievable task for a human being to cast a thorough study of each horse running in a race card & then choose. FINOO may inspire every Blogger/selector/punter select a few races of their own choice with more concentration to yield better result. SANTANU

  10. guys watch this http://www.dailymotion.com/user/india/video/x8zizp_watch-out-from-public-toliets_fun

  11. Dear PG,
    Good show, obviously the stats are better in horse racing and they are always lucarative as they give the instant result in next couple of minutes. Flip side one should have the patience and control to not to bet on all the horses.

    Making online betting will be a great deal to promote the horse racing.

  12. We have confirmed that there are now no issues about opening the link given in the article, hence the file embedded in the middle of the article has been removed.

    Blog Moderator

  13. Good presentment....I liked the way you demonstrated the whole show.It was really smart of you to use the bankroll movement method.A point of small note is, that there was no need to have shown Max capital invested Rs 1800/ after the 5th bet (1 May),and again the Net-(1000)should be highlighted red.

  14. gosavi sir some people in hydrabad & banglore using finoo tips & selling to big punter & making big money sir. You give herefree & they sell sir. They tell it as special khabr & big punters giving them good money. like 10 & 20 thousnd sir.

  15. Hi Jawnsin,
    thanks. I see the blog moderator has already acted on your suggestions.

    Dear Anonymous,
    I have heard about something like this. A gentleman called from Bangalore and said some tout who gives paid service to big bettors has tipped 13 of the FINOO horses among his last 16 bets. When the said gentleman discovered my blog, he was shocked by the consecutive bets (from FINOO list) tipped by the tout. But when I told him it could be pure co-incidence, he argued it cannot be because the sequence of bets over nearly a month was a sure giveaway of the tout's strategy.

    Personally, I don't think I should mind whether someone is making money betting FINOO horses or selling them as tips. What difference does it make?

    And in any case, how I can I stop anyone from doing it? By stopping the public trial?

    So my advice is just don't lose your sleep over it.

  16. patience of a sniper in hiding..

    Mr Gosavi, you continue to delight me with your language and narration. I think even the example of a spider for FINOO practitioner is very apt.


  17. Hello Prakash,

    Its Jimmy here. Glad to see your success rate going up by way of Finoo. Now all these months was unaware about it. Can you in short explain to me on my personal mail as to what it is about and how you arrive at. Would surely experiment it for a long term but I am must know the logic. See so much you are doing for the people but when at a stretch supposing it fails , people will start writing bad about it. Which is not fair on their path. Anyway nice to hear laurels about FINOO bets. Take care and regards


  18. Thanks Prof Sathe for your kind words. By the way, are you a professor of English? Just wondering.

    Dear Jimmy,
    Everything that has ever been written about FINOO and its development, you will find on this blog. Download my toolbar if you have not already downloaded it earlier. On the toolbar, you will find an icon of archives just beside my blog icon. If you click its drop down menu, you will get all the articles and explanations about FINOO under a path "FINOO articles".


  19. I loved the title of this article, but I think you should have spelled it like this: Bull(shit) & Horse(sense)!

  20. Dear Santanu & Girija Shankar,
    Sorry I forgot to thank you for your posts.

    Dear S Patkar,
    I didn't mean offence to to our gambling brethren from the stock market. In fact, originally I had thought of titling this article as "Bulls & Horses", but then I felt Bullshit and Horse-sense are the two most graphic words in English language, and using them could better convey the import of this article, so I used this title.

  21. I just found this written by you on this blog only. I must admit EVERY word you wrote about finoo was TRUE TO THE CORE. Hats off sir.
    I feel the FINOO method deserves an open trial and public scrutiny because it is unique in the following attributes:

    i) It requires NO hard work (15 minutes for one race day to watch videos ONLY ONCE)
    ii) It eliminates too much betting action (a major stress-causing factor)
    iii) Instead of you chasing a possible bet, you simply wait in anticipation until the bet comes to you (which you can also reject if your qualifier rules don't pass it)
    iv) Once a bet pops up, you don't even need to look at the rivals or handicap them or worry over other factors like shoes/equipment/track work etc. You just cease to be a typical handicapper who burns midnight oil.
    v) FINOO promises high strike rate (about 50% for WIN & 80% for PLACE) which raises hopes of a long term profit
    vi) You don't really have to go and attend races every day just to keep your data/knowledge/information bank updated. So when you attend races, you can really start enjoying like when you went there for the first time, by socializing, hanging out with race course friends or betting a tener on the Tote in non-FINOO races just for fun. (I think this is one of the greatest benefits).
    vii) FINOO frees up lots & lots of quality time for your personal/family/social priorities, makes racing more enjoyable to you, gets you the great habit of betting less often but winning more often which may do wonders not only to your bottom line but also to your lifestyle.

    Hope this makes clear my preference for the FINOO approach. If possible, please read the mail I wrote to CP in August 2008 (which he has published in the comments section of the article dated April 25, that will give you all my personal reasons why I am enamoured by FINOO.

  22. Dear Nimkar,
    Thanks. But there is an archive section on this blog so people could have dug it up if they were curious to know more about FINOO.
    Btw, thanks for keeping such a close watch on my utterances:)



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